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Monday, May 30, 2016

Excerpt 13...Fantasy

To count down to the upcoming release of Fantasy Seduction, I''ll be posting several excerpts from Fantasy Resort. Although some of the characters appear in all the Fantasy Books, all titles are stand alone. Keep checking back for more...:)

Chapter Thirteen
Four weeks later

“Hello? Are you decent?” Kira asked as she stuck her head into the front door of the tiny cabin, a platter of lobster tails from Earth in her hand.
“If we weren’t would you join us?” Jaimee teased with a smile from the kitchen.
“Watch it, Romeo,” Jerrod replied dryly as he stepped in behind Kira.
“What’s the matter, Jerrod? Afraid she’d like me better?”
“All right,” Nicole chided as she walked in from the patio. “That’s enough from the two of you.”
Jerrod and Jaimee shared a grin.
“It’s such a nice day, I thought we could eat outside,” Nicole said as she grabbed the plate of vegetables and a bottle of wine.
The four of them headed out to the patio. Jaimee had moved the table beneath the wide umbrella tree, allowing them some shade from the warmer afternoon sun.
“Have you heard from Brett?” Jaimee asked as he opened the wine bottle and filled their glasses.
“Actually, he arrived here last night.”
“And already paired off with someone.” Kira smiled behind her glass of wine. “He bid for a slave.”
Nicole raised an eyebrow. “Really? He didn’t seem the type.”
Jerrod frowned. “There’s a specific type that buys a slave?”
“Well. Not really a type. He just seemed more charming than…” Kira scrunched her nose, struggling to find the right word.
“Than a Dom?” Nicole offered.
“Exactly,” Kira said with a smile.
“Well, whatever the reason, he paid a fortune for her. Seemed determined to have her,” Jerrod said.
“Maybe she was the woman of his dreams,” Nicole sighed.
Jaimee snorted. “Maybe buying a slave was the only way he could get a woman.”
“Jaimee,” Nicole scolded. “Brett is a nice-looking man. Any woman would be interested.”
“Any woman, huh?” Jaimee scowled.
Jerrod chuckled. “Somehow I don’t think that was the right thing to say.”
Leaning closer, Nicole placed a soft kiss against his lips. “He has nothing to worry about and he knows it.”
With a smile, Jaimee playfully chucked her under the chin.
“Before he headed to the auction, Brett told me the man you ladies shot will survive and stand trial.” He inclined his head toward Jaimee. “They’ll need you when it goes to trial.”
“I’ll be there,” Jaimee said and reached for one of the lobster tails.
“Have you thought about where you’re going from here?” Jerrod asked as he too filled his plate. “The offer of resort physician is still yours if you want it.”
“I appreciate the offer, but Nicole and I have talked about it and I’m going to return to Earth and teach at Cambridge. I talked to them last week about coming back.”
“England?” Kira asked.
“This cabin is yours, so whenever you want to come back, it’s here.”
Jaimee smiled. “Thanks, Jerrod. I’m sure we’ll be back often.”
“You better be,” Kira grumbled. “Why didn’t you say anything?” she asked Nicole.
“I wanted to wait and be sure that’s what we were doing.”
“What are you two going to do about the bar?” Jerrod asked.
“I’ve been thinking about that and I believe we should make Dax a full partner. What do you think?” Nicole asked Kira.
She smiled broadly. “I like the idea. He’s been with us since the beginning.”
“Speaking of which, have either of you ever seen him participate in the bar?” Jaimee asked.
Nicole pursed her lips, thinking back. “No. Now that I think about it, I don’t think I have. Have you, Kira?”
Kira shook her head, a frown creasing her brow. “No.”
“Maybe the man’s a eunuch,” Jerrod offered as he scooped vegetables onto his plate.
“He’s not a eunuch,” Kira replied with a snort.
Three pairs of eyes stared at her, waiting for her to elaborate. Kira’s gaze moved around the table, looking at each of their shocked and questioning expressions. “What? I walked in on him one morning in the shower.” When they didn’t say anything, just continued to stare at her, she sighed. “Nothing happened. I saw him, I left. That’s it.” She glared at their continued silence. “Moving on.”
Jerrod chuckled and placed a hand on her shoulder, giving it a gentle squeeze. Nicole took the platter Jaimee offered and inhaled the strong scent of butter and spices. She overfilled her plate, piling it full of vegetables and bread. She didn’t think twice about the amount until Jerrod pointed it out to her.
“Nicole, honey. Are you hungry?” Jerrod asked, his voice filled with amusement.
Licking the butter from her finger, Nicole studied the plate before her with a frown. “You know it’s weird, but I can’t seem to get enough to eat this week. I’ve been hungry all the time.”
“Hungry all the time? Last week you were sick every morning. And just yesterday you were complaining your breasts hurt.” Kira grinned. “Honey, are you pregnant?”
Nicole’s hand froze halfway to her mouth, the glass of wine she’d picked up completely forgotten as she stared in shock at her friend. Pregnant? She hadn’t even thought of that.
Jaimee quickly grabbed the wineglass from her hand and set it back down on the table. “Don’t drink that.”
“What?” she asked, slightly confused.
“Nicole, when was your last birth control shot?” Jaimee asked.
“I know I had one when I first arrived.” Glancing at Kira, she shook her head. “But I can’t remember. Did I have any more after that?”
“I don’t know, honey. If you did, you didn’t tell me.”
“Come with me.” Standing, Jaimee grabbed her hand and pulled her to her feet. “We’ll settle this right now.”
Kira began to stand as well, but Jerrod grabbed her hand and pulled her back down. “Don’t go in there, Kira. Let them do this alone.”
She turned to him wide-eyed and pointed toward the door that Nicole and Jaimee had just entered. “But she…”
A soft smile touched his lips. “She’ll be fine. Jaimee’s with her. He is a doctor, after all.”
“I know, but…”
Again, she glanced at the door, a frown pulling at her brow. Nicole was her best friend and it just seemed strange not being there.
Leaning forward, Jerrod cupped her chin and turned her so she would face him. “You know, all this talk about babies has me thinking.”
“About maybe having one of our own.”
His finger brushed along her jaw sending a shiver down her spine. Had she heard him correctly? Her heart jumped in excitement at the very idea of having his baby. “You want to have a baby?”
“We talked about this, remember? I told you I wanted lots of babies.” For a second, he looked unsure, almost nervous. “Have you changed your mind? Do you not want any?”
“Jerrod,” she sighed, then smiled from ear to ear as she jumped from her chair and into his lap. He grunted, then laughed as she landed on his thighs and planted a hot, wet kiss on his lips.
“I take it that’s a yes,” he smiled between kisses.
“Yes,” she giggled, then deepened it, sliding her tongue into his awaiting mouth.
He moaned and wrapped his arm around her, pulling her closer. Her soft hands cupped his face, then moved into his hair as the kiss deepened. His free hand moved up to cup her cheek, softly brushing his thumb across her warm flesh. “I love you,” she whispered.
“I love you more,” he said with a grin.
“But wait.” Suddenly, she sat straighter, her eyes widening with worry. “We can’t raise a baby here.”
“Honey, we’re beyond wealthy. We can raise this baby wherever you want.”
“Really?” she asked, a small smile curving her lips. He was so good to her. Spoiled her, if the truth were known. She was just so thrilled he wanted to have a baby. She’d been thinking about it for a while, but for some reason had been afraid to broach the subject. Unsure that it was the right time.
“Really,” he murmured as he cupped her chin and tugged her face back to his for a slow, deep kiss.
* * * * *
Nicole bit at her lower lip as she watched Jaimee prick her finger then place the blood sample within the med scanner. He looked angry and tense. Was he mad? Did he not want a baby?
The ten seconds it took seemed like forever and she took several deep breaths trying to calm her racing heart. A baby. Would she make a good mother? And what if Jaimee didn’t want it?
The scanner beeped and she watched the expression on Jaimee’s face. He looked almost relieved as he smiled at the scanner. Her heart sank. “I’m not pregnant.”
Jaimee’s gaze shot to hers and he shook his head no. Nicole glanced at the ground, her heart breaking. She’d had no idea how much she wanted kids until just this second.
“No, sweetheart, you misunderstood.” His finger tipped up her chin and she met his shining, happy gaze. “You’re pregnant. We’re going to have a baby.”
“What?” She gaped. “I’m pregnant?”
“Yeah.” He nodded, his smile widening.
He set the scanner on the counter and gently engulfed her in his arms. Once the shock wore off, she laughed. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she held him tight. “We’re having a baby,” she giggled.
“I love you, Nikki,” he whispered in her ear.
“I love you too.” Pulling away, she stared into his eyes. “You’re happy about this right? I mean, it’s not too soon?”
His strong hands framed her face, and he smiled down at her with the most loving expression—it made her chest tighten. “I’ve never been happier about anything in my life.” He inclined his head toward the patio. “How about we go share the good news?”
She returned his smile with one of her own. “Yeah.”
Arm in arm, they walked back out to the patio, ready to share the news with their friends. Kira was on Jerrod’s lap, the two of them engaged in a slow kiss that made Nicole grin. Jerrod’s hand rested on the side of Kira’s cheek, his other at her back, holding her close. They were so cute, so perfect together.
Jaimee cleared his throat, catching their attention. “We can’t leave the two of you alone together for five minutes.”
They broke apart slowly, as though not the least bit embarrassed or upset that they’d been caught. Kira smiled at Jerrod dreamily before turning back to Nicole. With a start, she sat up straight. “Well?” she asked.
Nicole smiled, her face she was sure beaming with happiness and pride. “We’re going to have a baby.”
Kira squealed and jumped from Jerrod’s lap. Jerrod grunted as her hand landed on his crotch in her haste to get off him. Jaimee laughed and Jerrod scowled back at him. “Be quiet. I’m already pissed you interrupted.”
“You’re all bark, old man,” Jaimee teased as Jerrod stepped next to him and slapped his shoulder in congratulations.
“Oh, honey. I’m so happy for you,” Kira said as she engulfed Nicole in a hug.
Jerrod hugged her as well, placing a loud, wet kiss on her cheek, making her laugh.
She was still laughing when Kira grabbed her hand and tugged her toward the table. “Come back and eat. You need to feed that baby.”
Nicole sat back down in her chair and placed her hand over her stomach. A baby, she thought in wonder.
“Something else to drink for the mother-to-be,” Jaimee said as he placed a glass of tea in front of her. Sitting, Jaimee leaned over and kissed her cheek. She smiled at him and softly touched the side of his face with her hand.
She had everything she would ever need. The love of her life, a baby on the way, and two of the best friends she could ever hope to have.
Life was perfect.
The End

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Excerpt 12...Fantasy

To count down to the upcoming release of Fantasy Seduction, I''ll be posting several excerpts from Fantasy Resort. Although some of the characters appear in all the Fantasy Books, all titles are stand alone. Keep checking back for more...:)

Chapter Twelve

Nicole smiled at Jaimee as she slipped her dress over her head. Last night had been incredible. The things he’d done she never dreamed of being able to go through with, but she hadn’t been afraid with him. For the first time in her life, she felt free.
Walking over to where he stood, she wrapped her arms around his waist and hugged him. With a moan, he pulled her closer and held her tight. “What was that for?” He grinned down at her, his eyes shining with love.
“For just being you.”
He brushed her hair away from her face and placed a soft kiss against her forehead. “Tell me you love me,” he whispered.
“I love you.”
Just as his lips were about to touch hers, the door burst open and hit the wall behind it with a bang. Nicole squealed and turned to stare wide-eyed at Jerrod and Brett.
“What the hell’s going on?” Jaimee demanded.
“They’re here.” Brett said as he stepped forward and grabbed Nicole’s arm, pulling her away from Jaimee.
“What are you doing? Who’s here?”
“Sergeant, take her to Jerrod’s office with Kira, then stand guard.”
“Yes, sir.”
“Wait.” Nicole struggled to get free of his grip and turned to look at Jaimee’s worried expression.
“Go with him, Nicole,” Jaimee said sternly as he turned to take the gun Jerrod held out to him.
“What’s going on?” she demanded of the man dragging her down the hall.
“The men that are after Ethan are here.”
“Oh, God,” she sighed, her heart lodging in her throat.
* * * * *
Loranis heard someone approach and quickly shoved the other two men behind an open door.
“Don’t you think it was a little too easy getting in here?” Caric asked.
“Quiet,” Vorash snapped and motioned toward the crack in the door and the couple approaching.
“That’s her,” Caric whispered as they watched the officer pull Nicole behind him. They remained behind a partially open door, trying to see where he was taking her.
“Did he say Ethan?” Loranis asked with a frown.
“Ethan’s Jaimee, I’d bet my life on it. So this is where they’ve been hiding the son of a bitch. Follow him, Caric. We might need her. Loranis and I will go after Jaimee.”
Caric smiled as he slowly stepped out into the hallway.
* * * * *
“How did they find out?” Jaimee demanded.
“We’re not sure,” Brett sighed.
The six of them slowly made their way down the corridor. Jerrod and Brett in the front, the three guards in the back and Jaimee in the middle.
“So what now?” Jaimee snapped.
“Try to get out of this in one piece,” Jerrod said, throwing him a sideways grin over his shoulder.
“What about the women?”
“They’re safely locked away in my office. No one can get in without a passcode.”
Jaimee’s grip on his gun tightened as they came to the grand salon, a two-story great room with a balcony that overlooked the main level. They would cross the room on the lower level, which meant they would be sitting ducks to someone above them.
“Is there another way to the main entrance?” Brett asked as he surveyed the upper level.
“Not from this end.”
“We’d have a better shot of this outside.”
“Where are you taking me, anyway?” Jaimee asked.
“Well, we’re not really taking you anywhere,” Jerrod replied.
“Excuse me?” Jaimee narrowed his eyes. Jerrod outweighed him in muscle by a good seventy pounds or more, but that didn’t stop the anger from rising in his chest. “You’re using me as bait?”
“Yeah,” Jerrod and Brett replied in unison.
“Son of a bitch! You know, the three of us need to work on our communication.”
“If we make it out of this,” Brett snickered, “that will be the first thing on the agenda.”
Jaimee turned and pointed a finger at Brett, but the scathing put-down he was about to say was stopped short.
“Enough, both of you,” Jerrod snapped. “We don’t have time for this. The two of you can kill each other later.”
Nodding his head, Jaimee cocked the pistol he carried, his eyes scanning the room ahead. “So you deliberately let them in here, hoping they would try to get me.”
“We believe they were initially after Nicole, but we’re hoping they’ll see us escorting you and go after us instead.”
“Risky,” Jaimee snarled.
“Yeah, but if we’re lucky, effective.” Jerrod grinned.
“And if we’re unlucky?” Jaimee asked, raising an eyebrow.
“We’re not going to be unlucky,” Jerrod answered pointedly. “Keep positive.”
“Let’s do this. It’s now or never, I guess,” Brett sighed.
Motioning with his hand to move forward, the six of them made their way toward the glass doors on the other side of the room. It was empty, the usual crowd moved to a safer location in the building. It seemed strange, seeing it so empty when just yesterday it was packed full of people.
Just as they passed the halfway point, a shot rang out from the upper level. Heat seared the back of Jaimee’s shoulder as a laser shot grazed his upper back. “Damn it,” he snapped and ducked behind a chair.
“You all right?” Jerrod asked as he crouched behind a chair next to him. A shot hit the wooden edge, splintering it. The shards rained down on him and he bent his head to keep them out of his face.
“Yeah, I’m fine. It just grazed me,” Jaimee answered and then ducked as well as another shot hit his chair.
Glancing behind Jerrod, he noticed Brett and two of the guards behind a sofa. One of the guards had been shot and remained motionless on the floor. Glancing at his back, he could see he was still breathing. “He’s still alive,” he said to Jerrod and motioned his head toward the fallen guard.
Jerrod looked as well and let out a curse. “Cover me,” he said and as Jaimee and Brett fired toward the balcony, Jerrod made a run for the guard, dragging him with him behind the chair.
Jaimee quickly examined the wound, making sure it wasn’t life-threatening. It had hit the man’s shoulder but it looked like he may have hit his head as he went down. Blood seeped from an open wound at his temple.
“He’ll be okay for now, but he’ll need attention soon,” Jaimee said to Jerrod, who nodded in understanding.
A shout was heard from the upper level and Jaimee glanced around the edge of his hiding spot to see one of the men fall to the floor below. “One down.”
“Two to go,” Brett answered back.
Jerrod shook his head. “There’s only two up there. There’s only two guns firing.”
“How they hell can you tell that?” one of the guards snapped.
Brett sighed. “They’re using lasers, we’re not. They sound different.”
“Then where’s the third?” Jaimee asked, dread filling his chest.
“The women,” Jerrod murmured.
Fear gripped Jaimee’s chest. Nicole. He couldn’t let anything happen to her. Standing, he scanned the balcony for the figure he’d seen earlier.
“Jaimee, get the fuck down,” Jerrod snapped.
Jaimee shook his head as he continued to look for him. No one was firing. Had he left? Finally, he found him. He sat close to the edge, his fingers frantically fiddling with his gun, which had apparently jammed.
“I got you, you son of a bitch.”
The man looked up just in time to see Jaimee fire his gun, hitting him point-blank between the eyes.
Brett shook his head. “You’re either braver than hell or dumber than shit.”
“I just want to get to Nicole.” With that he turned and ran in the direction of Jerrod’s office.
“Take care of him,” Jerrod said to one of the remaining officers, pointing toward the injured man, and took off after Jaimee, Brett close on his heels.
* * * * *
Kira paced the room, her eyes continually straying to the gun lying on Jerrod’s desk. He’d taught her quite some time ago how to use it. It was lightweight and shot burner rounds instead of lasers. The small pellets entered your body and burned like lava, usually rendering the victim unconscious regardless of where you shot him. A perfect gun for her since you didn’t have to be a good shot.
“Why on earth did I agree to stay here?” she murmured to herself. She could be out there helping them. And where was Nicole?
The light on the door panel turned green, and she tensed. Glancing toward the desk, she realized she was too far away to get to the gun in time.
Nicole’s voice made her sigh in relief and she started for the door. “Nicole, are you—”
A shot was fired from the hallway and the guard behind Kira lurched into the room. Nicole turned to see what had happened and a man stepped forward, backhanding her across the face. She yelped and fell sideways onto the floor.
Kira quickly stepped closer to the wall and picked up the heavy brass candlestick resting on a small side table. The man hadn’t seen her yet, and she took a second to look at Nicole. She was struggling to stand, a moan slipping past her lips. The man walked over to Nicole, and as quietly as possible Kira crept up behind him. With as much power as she had, she swung the candlestick, hitting him in the back of the head.
He fell to the floor with a groan and she let out a breath she didn’t realize she was holding. Running to Nicole, she tried to help her stand, but was pulled up by her hair. She squealed as pain raced through her scalp.
“Kira,” Nicole shouted as the man threw her across the room toward Jerrod’s desk.
Nicole struggled to get away, but her mind was still foggy from the blow. He pulled her up roughly by the collar of her dress, her feet dangling off the ground.
“Let me down,” she sneered. She fought off waves of fear and unwanted memories. She’d sworn she’d never let another man do this to her. She had to keep her wits about her.
“Such a pretty little thing you are,” he purred.
His nasty breath brushed across her face and she winced, her nostrils flaring. “Oh, God. You stink. Let me down!”
His eyes narrowed dangerously and fear gripped Nicole’s chest. “All in due time, wench.”
Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Kira going for the gun. Blood roared through her ears as she tried to think of something to do. Raising her hand, she pressed her thumb into his eye socket. He yelled as her thumb pressed deeper, pushing his eye back into his head.
“You bitch!” He dropped her and Nicole crouched on the floor, giving Kira a clear shot.
Kira fired and with a yell, he fell back. His screams echoed throughout the room as the burner bullet burned him from the inside out. Kira ran over and helped Nicole to her feet, engulfing her in a hug.
“Are you okay?” they asked in unison.
Jaimee burst through the door, almost tripping over the guard on the floor. “Nicole,” he sighed when he noticed her by the desk.
Running over, he pulled her into his arms. Nicole held tight, her eyes clenched shut to ward off the tears that threatened. “Thank God you’re okay,” he whispered.
“Kira?” Jerrod yelled as he too came barreling through the door. Kira launched herself into his arms.
“Don’t you ever leave me alone again. Do you hear me?” she sobbed.
“I don’t know,” Brett teased as he surveyed the damage. “Looks like you ladies can take care of yourselves.”
“If it’s all the same,” Nicole said from the safety of Jaimee’s arms, “I think I’d rather be protected.”
“Me, too,” Kira sighed, still not releasing her hold on Jerrod.
Leaning over the fallen officer, Brett felt for a pulse. “He’s still alive, call for a medic transport,” Brett said to the other officer standing in the doorway.
Moving to the man who’d attacked the women, Brett nudged him with his boot, causing him to moan. “I’ll be damned. He’s still alive as well.”
“Give me two minutes,” Jaimee sneered.
Brett shot him a scowl. “This one will stand trial. You worry about her, let me handle this one.”
* * * * *
Nicole sat on a wicker sofa watching the guards load the bodies into a transport bound for Meenus Prime. Jaimee sat next to her, applying a cold compress to her cheek, which had begun to swell.
“Better?” he asked.
She nodded, her lips lifting into a small smile. It hurt to do any more than that.
“Well, looks like we’re all set,” Brett said as he came to stand next to Jerrod and Kira. “I’m sorry you were left out of the loop, Jerrod.”
Jerrod scowled. “Just know that in the future, if you want my help again, you’ll tell me everything.”
Brett nodded. “Fair enough. Let’s just hope it doesn’t come to that.” He glanced around then turned back to Jerrod with a grin. “Interesting place you have here. I’ll have to come back and check it out a little more.”
“I’ll save you a room.”
He nodded, then turned to Jaimee. For a moment they just stared at one another, lost in silent battle.
Nicole sighed and removed the cold compress. “Will the two of you just knock it off? Shake hands,” she demanded.
Brett snorted and Jaimee laughed. “I guess we better do as she says,” Brett said with a grin and held out his hand.
Jaimee stood and accepted it. “Take care, Brett.”
“I will,” he said and turned to leave. “See you soon, Jerrod.”
“We’ll be here,” he replied, then turned a pointed look to Jaimee. “Don’t you think it’s time we got that back looked at?”
“Back?” Nicole asked, then pushed Jaimee’s shoulder, making him turn. A large tear went across the back of his shirt and she pulled it apart to see the long, deep burn beneath. “Jaimee,” she gasped. “A few more inches and the laser could have cut your head off.”
“But it didn’t, Nicole,” he whispered to her over his shoulder.
Her hands began to shake at just how closely she’d come to losing him again. Jaimee grabbed then and held them tight as he turned to face her. “I’m okay.” Bringing her hands up, he kissed them. “See. I’m okay.”
She nodded, the tears building in her eyes. “I know. It’s just a delayed reaction, I guess.”
Jerrod squeezed her shoulder and handed her a med kit. “Why don’t you take him to the cabin and fix him up?”
She took the kit and smiled up at the man she considered a brother. “I will. Thank you, Jerrod.”
He smiled and placed a soft kiss to her cheek. Kira walked over as well and kissed her forehead, then smiled at Jaimee. “Take good care of her.”
“I will,” he said with a wink.
Jerrod placed his hand on the small of Kira’s back to escort her back to the grand salon, which was now in the middle of some much-needed cleanup as the guests quickly trickled back in.
“Come on, baby. Let’s go home,” he said as he pulled her to her feet.
Home, she thought with a grin. It was funny how she now considered this place home. But in her heart, she knew anywhere she went with Jaimee would be home.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Excerpt 11...Fantasy

To count down to the upcoming release of Fantasy Seduction, I''ll be posting several excerpts from Fantasy Resort. Although some of the characters appear in all the Fantasy Books, all titles are stand alone. Keep checking back for more...:)

Chapter Eleven

Nicole followed Jaimee into a room filled with scented candles and soft lights. There were no windows in this room, only rich burgundy walls, a single bed, and… Nicole’s breathing increased in trepidation as she noticed the straps hanging from the ceiling at the foot of the bed.
Her eyes widened as she glanced at Jaimee. Is this what he had in mind? Bondage?
“Jaimee, I…I’m not sure I can do this.”
Her hands shook as she took a tiny step back toward the door.
“You can do this,” he whispered in her ear, his hands gently massaging her shoulders. “Look how far you’ve come.”
“I know,” she sighed, trying to calm her racing heart.
“I’ve seen you watch the bondage fantasies at the bar. Despite your past, they intrigued you.”
She nodded and swallowed hard. He was right. They had intrigued her. It was the one fantasy she’d never done, but was also the one fantasy she wanted most to try. But now that the opportunity was staring her in the face, she wasn’t so sure she could go through with it.
“Do you want us to leave?” Jaimee whispered. “It’s okay if you’re not ready, honey.”
Jaimee slid his palms up her arms and across her shoulders. Her eyes remained glued to the bindings that hung from the ceiling. Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath, preparing herself to jump off that cliff and give all of herself to the man she loved. And trusted.
“I don’t want to leave,” she whispered.
His fingers worked loose the buttons at the back of her dress. The cool air hit her back, making goose bumps rise along her flesh. What was she so worried about? This was Jaimee. He would never hurt her. With a slow, gentle touch he pushed her dress off her shoulders. It fell to pool around her feet where she kicked it aside, leaving just her high-heeled sandals on her feet and the dildo still in her ass.
Coming around to the front of her, he took her hand in his and tugged her to stand under the bindings. He kissed her palm then held it high, gently securing the strap around her wrist. At the sound of the lock sliding into place, she flinched and swallowed a lump of sudden fear.
“You know I would never hurt you, Nicole,” he said quietly.
She nodded, unsure she could speak past the quickly rising combination of fear and desire. He walked around her to the other side, his fingers slowly working a path along her flesh. She shivered as he lifted the other arm. Before clicking the lock into place, he studied her, his eyes boring intently into hers.
Her breasts were pushed upward, her body resting on the balls of her feet. She could feel her skin prickle with battling emotions. “If you need me to stop, Nikki, say ‘Mirage’ and I’ll stop. Understand?”
“Yes,” she whispered.
“Do you want me to continue?”
“Yes,” she sighed. This time when the lock clicked into place, she didn’t flinch.
She watched as he backed away from her and removed his clothing. His milky flesh reflected the light of the candles, making it shimmer. She licked her lips as her gaze traveled lower, taking in his slim hips and his thick shaft, which once again stood proudly.
If he didn’t hurry up and touch her she would surely die. He reached behind him, onto the bed, and picked up a flogger, swinging it slowly in front of his lower stomach. Nicole’s breath lodged in her throat.
He walked closer and brushed the material of the flogger along her sensitive flesh. It was soft, not leather like she’d initially thought. His eyes never leaving hers, he flicked it, letting it slap against the side of her hip. At first she startled, but then realized the slight sting added to her already heightened desire. It felt good and she wanted him to do it again.
He moved to the other side and flicked again, this time hitting her ass just a little harder. She gasped as her muscles clamped around the vibrator, sending shots of pleasure up her spine.
“It’s not what you thought, is it?”
“No,” she gulped as he slapped the flogger against her side, causing it to wrap around her just under her rib cage. Every inch of her body was now on fire. Her distended nipples ached for his touch, the flick of his tongue. Her pussy pulsed and juices poured from her core to run down the inside of her thigh.
Another flick, this one catching her at the side of her breast, and she whimpered, biting down on her lower lip. Every sting of the toy sent pleasure skimming through her in a way she never imagined. Moving behind her, he tugged at the vibrator, moving it in slow, gentle strokes that sent her reeling.
One hand moved around to cup her breasts, his thumb and forefinger pinching the nipples gently, coaxing a moan from deep in her chest. She tried to move her hips with him, but she was helpless in her position and completely at his mercy. The very idea brought her close to climax and she groaned when Jaimee stopped, once again settling the vibrator deep within her and stepping away.
“Please,” she whimpered. “I need you, Jaimee. I need you to fuck me.”
“In time,” he whispered before flicking her again with the flogger.
With each slap he moved closer to her front, his gaze locked onto her aching breasts. Bending down, he circled one hard nipple with the tip of his tongue before sliding across it and engulfing the tip of her breast in his mouth to suckle her.
Her head fell back, her eyes closed tightly. Every muscle in her body quaked in ecstasy as his teeth nipped and pulled at her flesh.
Pulling on the straps that held her wrists above her head, she lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist, pulling him to her. “Damn it, Jaimee,” she sighed and rubbed her clit against the muscles of his stomach.
If he didn’t take her now, she’d die from wanting.
Settling his hands beneath her hips, he resettled her against his straining cock. With one long stroke, he buried himself balls-deep, both of them shouting at the pure pleasure the sensation caused.
His cock coupled with the vibrator sent her over the edge and she bucked against him, trying to take him even deeper.
Jaimee groaned, attempting to hold her hips still. “God, Nicole. With that vibrator in there, you’re too tight. I’m not going to last long.”
“But it feels so good. Please, Jaimee, don’t stop.”
He pushed upward, hitting her womb over and over. She screamed as her release hit, the muscles of both channels gripping and pulsing around the two invading rods. She and Jaimee had done ménages before at the bar more than once, but none of those times was like this. The feeling was so intense she faded, her vision blurring.
With one final stroke, Jaimee fell with her, the cry at his own orgasm bouncing off the walls and drowning out her sighs. She sagged against him, her arms no longer able to hold her weight.
Keeping one arm around her waist, he removed the shackles and laid her on the bed. She was so drained she barely felt him remove the vibrator and settle behind her, his arms holding her tight.
* * * * *
Jaimee sat up on his elbow, watching Nicole sleep beside him. He’d been this way for at least an hour, just staring at her. He tugged at the red satin sheet that covered her breasts and exposed them, her rosy nipples dark against the alabaster complexion of her skin.
With the tip of his finger he circled around the areola, watching as the nipple hardened. Moving lower, he brushed down her stomach and between her legs. She shifted and moaned, letting her legs fall open.
Her eyes were still closed, her breathing still slow and even. But he couldn’t pass up such a delectable invitation. Settling between her legs, he breathed deep of her honey scent. He would never tire of this. Never get enough.
Moving closer, he slowly slid his tongue along her slit. Her legs jerked and he ran his hand up the inside of her thigh, soothing her. With one hand beneath each hip, he lifted her to his seeking tongue. A soft moan tore from her throat and her fingers clenched in the sheets by her side.
“Jaimee?” she sighed.
His answer was to flick his tongue across her clit, making her gasp. “Oh, yes.”
With more patience than he dreamed he had, he continued to sip at her juices, which ran between the cheeks of her ass to the mattress beneath her. Her body undulated with his movements and he took his cue from her, licking harder and faster or slowing down and gentling the pressure. Going slow was his favorite. He loved how she moaned and pleaded for him to not stop.
He kept her so close to the edge for so long when she finally did come, she shook from head to toe.
“Oh God,” she gulped. “That’s a hell of a way to wake up.”
Jaimee chuckled and settled his weight on his elbows, his eyes smiling down into hers. “There’s more where that came from.”
* * * * *
Kira stepped into her husband’s office and found him pacing the floor, his hair standing on end from repeated swipes of his hand running through it in aggravation.
Uh-oh, Kira thought to herself. This doesn’t look good. “What’s going on? They said you needed to see me right away.”
He turned to her, his eyes clouded with worry, and her gut clenched. “What’s wrong?”
“You were right about Ethan. He’s Jaimee.”
“What?” She smiled, her heart soaring for her friend. “That’s wonderful news. How did you find out?”
“I confronted Brett. Damn, I could kill him for this. He should never have kept me in the dark.”
“Is there a problem?” she asked in growing trepidation.
“One of the men Jaimee saw kill Shoranda was seen getting off a transport earlier this morning.”
“Here?” Kira gasped.
Jerrod nodded with a sigh. “Brett’s on his way, he’s five minutes from here. That should give us a jump on them. Also, call the front desk and tell Marcus to start clearing out the main floors. Make up some excuse other than the truth. I don’t want the guests caught in the crossfire, if there is any.”
Brett stepped into the room, his eyes narrowed in fury, four other officers behind him. “How the hell did they find out about this?”
“Your guess is as good as mine,” Jerrod said as he pulled two guns from a locked drawer and placed them in the holster under his jacket. His eyes narrowed at the four guards who had come in with Brett.
“They’ve been briefed.”
Jerrod nodded, but said nothing more.
“We need a plan. Let them in here?” Brett asked.
Jerrod nodded. “We’ll get Jaimee. Maybe if they see us escorting him they’ll go after us instead of Nicole.”
“What makes you think they’re after Nicole?”
“Dax called.” Brett began. “Jaimee’s grave was dug up. My guess is they heard a rumor, tested the body we used, then when they found out it wasn’t Jaimee, tracked Nicole here. It was common knowledge she and Jaimee had a thing. I think they want to use her as bait.”
Kira’s gut clenched. “Oh, God. How did they find out Nicole was Mirage?” Turning, she kicked off her high heels and grabbed the spare pair of flat scandals she kept in Jerrod’s office and quickly slipped them on her feet.
“We found out one of the men used to be an agent, so he has ways of figuring things out.”
“What agent?” Jerrod snapped.
Brett shrugged with a sigh. “Apparently he was an assassin that turned on the Senate several years ago. They left him on Dellon 5, but somehow he escaped and he’s been trying to get at Kimpak for years.”
Jerrod shook his head in disgust then glanced at Kira’s shoes before narrowing his eyes narrowed in anger. “Where the hell do you think you’re going?”
“With you.”
“No,” he stated firmly.
Kira stood in anger, her hands fisting at her hips. “What do you mean ‘no’?”
Jerrod turned back to Brett. “You go ahead and get Jaimee.” He glanced at Kira and raised his eyebrow. “Where are they?”
“Room 276,” she said.
“I’ll get them.” Brett nodded. He and the four men left the room.
“I’m right behind you.” Turning to Kira, he put his finger under her chin and forced her to meet his pleading stare. “Listen to me, Kira. I know you want to help.”
She opened her lips to speak, but he put his finger over them to silence her. “You are my life,” he whispered. “If anything were to happen to you, I couldn’t go on. Please promise me that you’ll stay here.”
Her heart swelled at the love and worry in his gaze. Swallowing down a lump, she nodded. “I’ll stay.”
Placing a soft kiss against her lips, he turned to leave the room, but shouted over his shoulder before shutting the door, “Don’t forget to call Marcus.”
Wrapping her arms around herself, she shook off a wave of sudden fear. Not just for Nicole, but for all of them, especially Jerrod.
* * * * *
“Do you even know what the woman looks like?” Vorash asked as they loaded into the rented runner that would take them to Fantasy Resort. It was fifty kilometers away on the coastline of Forshan, the most tropical area of Portakin 3.
“I know what she looks like,” Caric replied with a nasty grin. “I’ve seen her in the bar. Sexy little bitch.”
“Forget it, Caric. You’re not fucking her. We’re here for one purpose and that’s to set a trap for the good doctor,” Loranis said with a sneer.
Caric sneered back, but remained silent.
“Why the hell didn’t we stick around and make sure he was dead?” Vorash mumbled.
“Who the hell would have thought he would survive that explosion?” Loranis snapped. “Just be glad we overheard that Jackson person telling Dax that Jaimee was actually alive when they pulled him from the swamp. Otherwise we would still be clueless. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that myself. The Senate is notorious for using transients to fake someone’s death.”

Friday, May 27, 2016

Excerpt 10...Fantasy

To count down to the upcoming release of Fantasy Seduction, I''ll be posting several excerpts from Fantasy Resort. Although some of the characters appear in all the Fantasy Books, all titles are stand alone. Keep checking back for more...:)

Chapter Ten

“Jerrod,” Kira called as she stepped down into the wine cellar. The cool air made her shiver and she crossed her arms, hugging herself to stay warm.
“I’m over here, gorgeous.”
His voice came from the back, so she wove her way through the numerous shelves ‘til she found him in the far corner. He looked so cute in his casual sandals, loose-fitting tan pants and the thin white cotton shirt. He had it untucked, the ends covering his hips, but she didn’t need to actually see his ass to know he had a great one. With a sigh, she turned her mind from her husband’s hard body to what she needed to speak with him about.
“Have you seen Ethan?”
He glanced at her over his shoulder, his eyebrow raised in question. “No. Why?”
“I think you should. There’s something about him. It’s the eyes.”
A sideways grin twitched the corner of his lips. “Are they familiar or evil?”
Kira crossed her arms and glared. “I’m serious, Jerrod.”
Setting his scanner down, he turned and took her hands in his. The cellar was cold so his warm fingers felt good as they wrapped around hers. “What’s really bothering you, Kira?”
He brought her knuckles to his lips and kissed them, sending shivers of desire down her spine. It never ceased to amaze her just how crazy he could get her with a single touch. “Nicole and Ethan came by.”
“And?” he asked as his teeth nipped at her middle finger.
Closing her eyes, she tried to get control of the raging need he brought out in her. “I don’t know,” she sighed with a shrug.
“It’s just his eyes.” Jerrod raised an eyebrow, amusement shining in his sapphire eyes.
“Jerrod, don’t you think it’s strange that Jaimee died in an explosion and then Ethan was also injured about the same time? With burns no less. None of this seems too coincidental to you?”
“Honey, we were both at the funeral with Nicole. We saw them put his body in the ground. He’s dead.”
“Couldn’t they have faked that?”
“For what reason?” he asked with a shrug.
“What’s the reason that Ethan is here? They want the killers to think he’s still dead. Think about it.”
Jerrod let go of her hands and settled his fists on his hips with a sigh. “Kira, baby, you’re grasping at straws, and for God’s sake don’t say anything about this to Nicole.”
“I wasn’t planning on it,” she replied with indignation.
His warm palms rubbed up and down her arms, warming the flesh beneath his touch. “I’m sorry, baby, but we have to be realistic. Jaimee’s dead no matter how much you want him not to be.”
“I know I’m right about this. He has Jaimee’s eyes, and I can’t believe Nicole hasn’t seen it.”
“Maybe she has but unlike you…” He smiled. “She’s not prone to fantasy.”
Kira narrowed her eyes at him. “That’s not funny, Jerrod.”
He chuckled and tipped her chin up with his finger. “You know I love you. And for you, I’ll look into this. Okay?”
“Promise?” she asked, hope filling her heart. She was right this. She just knew it.
“I promise.” He softly kissed her lips. “But you’re going to owe me big time for this.”
“I always pay my debts,” she replied with a grin.
* * * * *
Jaimee drew Nicole to one of the three restaurants at the resort, determined to make her wait for the surprise he had planned for her. Several months ago she’d told him of a fantasy she’d always wanted to tackle, but had been too afraid to. After her abusive relationships, she wasn’t sure she could go through with it. But Jaimee was determined to go slowly and show her that being bound could be more fun than terrifying.
After ordering their meal, they waited patiently for the food. Couples all around them engaged in various acts, from just eating quietly to eating the food off each other or anyone else who decided to join in. The images were extremely erotic and if he made it through lunch without throwing Nicole on the table and fucking her, he’d be amazed.
Glancing down, he ran his fingers over the soft satin of her royal blue skirt. The muscles of her thighs bunched beneath his hands as he moved them higher, sliding her skirt up with them and exposing the smooth tan flesh of her thighs. “Are all the restaurants here like this one?” he asked as he fingered the soft tissue on the inside of her knee.
She cleared her throat and smiled slightly. “Like this one how?”
He looked around at all the couples and small groups. Only one was actually having intercourse. The rest were engaged in various acts of foreplay. Most incorporated food in some way, as well as the various toys that were lying around, and Jaimee came up with a few ideas of his own for Nicole. “All the…entertainment,” he said for a lack of a better word.
Nicole laughed and his chest tightened. He loved to hear her laugh and he hadn’t lately. “Most, yes. This restaurant is one of three, each features food from different sectors of the galaxy. There are a few times they require clothing, but it’s for something special and it’s rare. For the most part this place is just how you see it. Wild, free and totally uninhibited.”
The waiter walked over and placed crystal glasses before them filled with vigasinah. Jaimee picked up the glass and studied the neon green liquid. “Ms. Kira requested you have that with lunch,” the waiter offered with a slight grin then nodded toward the bar. Kira smiled and raised a matching glass of vigasinah.
Jaimee returned the salute, then leaned in to whisper to Nicole. “Now what do you suppose that friend of yours is up to?”
“She’s just being Kira,” Nicole said with a grin.
He placed a soft kiss on her temple before taking a sip of the cold liquid. Despite the cool temperature, it burned going down, warming his chest and stomach. Wow. Too many of these and they’d have to carry him back to the room. “What is this?”
“It’s a drink from Miganah. It’s pretty potent.” She leaned close and slid her fingers up the inside of his thigh. “And considered quite the aphrodisiac.”
He quirked an eyebrow, his interest piqued. “Really?”
“Really. It’s very popular here. A few of these and you could go all night.”
“Baby, I don’t need this to go all night with you.”
He playfully nipped at her lower lip before holding the glass to her lips. She opened, allowing the green liquid to enter her mouth and slide down her throat. Her smoldering gaze never left his and the love they felt for each other hung between them like something tangible, something they could grab and hold between them forever.
“Your appetizers, sir.”
The waiter placed a small plate before them, loaded with fried shrimp from Earth and stuffed halifrap from Meenus Prime. Reaching for one, Nicole took it and settled it before his mouth. Opening his lips, he allowed her to place it on his tongue, then he silently chewed as he repeated the gesture for her.
Feeling naughty, Jaimee slid his hand up the inside of her legs, cupping her warm, wet sex with his palm. Nicole moaned and shifted slightly, allowing him better access. Parting her labia, he slid his finger up along her slit, paying close attention to her sensitive nub.
“Jaimee,” she sighed.
Removing his hand, he licked at his wet knuckles. “Good, but I think this will be even better.”
With a mischievous smile, he took one of the small shrimp and pushed it just inside her vagina. Her eyes widened. “What are you doing?”
“Having a little of you with my lunch,” he whispered in her ear as he removed the shrimp and placed it on his tongue. He closed his eyes and moaned. “Mmmm. That’s nice.”
“You are so bad,” she giggled.
“And you are so wet. Do you want me, Nikki?” he purred in her ear as his fingers continued to fondle her sex.
“You have no idea,” she groaned.
The waiter refilled their glasses of the potent drink and Jaimee grabbed his arm, stopping him. Standing Jaimee whispered a request in his ear. The waiter nodded, then moved to fill his request. Nicole stared at him questioning. “You’ll see,” he said.
A few moments later the waiter returned and handed Jaimee a vibrator. Nicole’s lips opened into an “o” and then smiled. “Is that for me?”
“Yep. Stand up, my pet.”
“Here?” she asked with a grin, then glanced around.
“Look around you, Nicole.” He waived his hand with a chuckle. “What I’m about to do is tame compared to what else is going on. This place is a variable smorgasbord for the voyeur.”
She stood before him and straddled his thighs, giving him ample room to reach her pussy. He glanced around her hip and knew no one would pay them any attention. They were too busy fucking or licking their own partners to care what he and Nicole did.
His palms slid up the outside of her thighs and over her tight ass. Her skin was warm and soft beneath his touch, her flesh slightly flushed from arousal and the unusual drink they’d consumed.
Slowly, he moved the vibrator along her slit, teasing her swollen nub. She moaned and placed her hands on his shoulders for support. He could smell her sweet juices, could feel the warmth as it coated his fingers and his cock hardened instantly. It would be so easy to pull her onto his lap and bury himself inside her, but he wanted to make her wait and tease her to the point of pain.
With the head of the vibrator, he teased her opening, gently sliding it forward before retreating. She bent her knees slightly, trying to take it farther inside her. Jaimee pulled back, not allowing the toy to go too far.
“You’re such a tease,” she groaned as he slid the tip of the toy around her clit.
“I’m nowhere near done, baby. This isn’t for your pussy, despite how much you want it there.”
“It isn’t?” Her lower lips stuck out in a pout.
“No.” He shook his head, his lips twitching. Having lubricated the toy with her juices, he slid it to the tight rosebud opening of her anus. Her lips parted on a gasp as he gently slid the toy into place, filling her. Her fingers gripped his shoulders and her eyes slid closed as he slowly moved it in and out. Nudging her skirt up with his nose, he licked at her clit. Her whole body shuddered and her hold on his flesh tightened.
Pulling away from her, he settled her skirt back down and motioned for her to take the seat next to him, the toy still planted firmly in her ass.
Nicole could have killed him right here. How could he leave her hanging like that? Damn man. “Oh you’re going to pay for that,” she whispered.
“Do you need relief, my pet?” he teased.
“You know damn good and well I do,” she snarled, making Jaimee chuckle.
“Be a good girl and maybe before lunch is over I’ll give you a little.”
Every muscle in her body shook with the need to orgasm. God, she’d been so close, and judging by the smirk on his face, he knew it. Shifting, she tried to find a comfortable position with the vibrator inserted. The fullness only intensified her need to be fucked. Would he do it with the dildo in place? Just the very thought made the walls of her vagina spasm in pleasure.
The waiter set a steaming plate of food before her, but Nicole couldn’t eat. She was too turned on, too needy. Shooting a glance at Jaimee, she watched as he slowly chewed his food, taking his time with every bite. His lips spread into a sensual smile as he met her gaze. “Not eating? You’ll need your strength.”
Her eyes narrowed, making his grin widen. “You’re a wicked man.”
He laughed and leaned closer, placing a bite of Norgan veal against her lips. She opened them, allowing him to slip it inside. As she chewed, the spicy flavor of the meat filled her mouth and she sighed. “That is so good.”
“I know. It tastes almost as good as you do.”
She smiled as an idea came to her. “I think that maybe I didn’t start out with the right appetizer.”
“No? Is there something else you want?”
Jaimee watched her in amusement then pure lust as she settled between his knees and freed his engorged shaft.
“Now who’s the naughty one?” he purred as her tongue flicked across the purple head, licking away his salty pre-cum.
Closing her eyes, she slowly enveloped him in her mouth, taking his cock as deep as she could. His fingers buried in her hair and she relaxed her throat, swallowing him. He groaned and pushed his hips up, meeting her mouth in a fast rhythm.
Her jaws began to ache as they tried to accommodate his girth, but she didn’t care. She wanted to taste him, feel his cock jerk in her mouth as his seed spilled down her throat. With a moan, she teased the purple head with her tongue and moved her other hand to fondle his tight balls and the sensitive spot just behind them.
“Damn, Nicole,” Jaimee groaned as he jerked, filling her mouth full of his hot semen.
She licked at it, making sure to get every drop that spewed forth, then gently calmed him with slow strokes along his length.
With a grin, he tugged her up by the hair and claimed her mouth in a deep, wild kiss. Breaking the kiss, he nipped at her chin playfully. “I say we get this food to go.”