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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Crime and Punishment...

Book 1...Topping the Domme.

Book 2...Master Delacroix

Book 3...Theirs To Share

Coming soon...

Book 4...Burning Submission...Josh's story

Book 5...The Master's Den...Daniel's story.

Books one through three are now available on Amazon!


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

More Ellora's Cave troubles...

Another month has gone by and no check from EC. Emails and phone calls go unanswered, just like always. I have no doubt if I was to go up there in person, I would find the office doors locked. I'm actually surprised no one has gone up there yet, but very few of us live in the area of Akron, Ohio and since we're not getting paid, how many actually have the money for such a trip? Some, like the author below, can't even pay their rent due to nonpayment.

Here's another blog post with lots of interesting links.

It’s a shame that we at EC have to resort to such a tactic, but I’m adding my name to the list of authors who are asking that readers not buy their EC titles. We’re not getting paid for them anyway.
My words to EC…Just stop fighting and implode already so the authors can pick up the pieces and move on!!
My EC titles are the following...
Fantasy Bar
Fantasy Resort
Star Crossed
Crossing the Line
Holiday Love Lessons
Callie's Sexy Surprise
Spark of Magic

Friday, September 19, 2014

Theirs To Share...

Just got the word. Theirs To Share made the bestseller list at All Romance Ebooks! Woohoo!

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Review...Master Delacroix

Another great review from Literary Nymphs..:)

Nathan is a former FBI agent, now semi-retired, and owns a BDSM club.  Connelly calls on Nathan for help with research for the villain in her latest novel, unaware they have something in common, which is the man that killed her husband and his fiancĂ©.

Master Delacroix is the second book in the Crime & Punishment series.  Readers should be aware that the first book in this series is published by a different publisher and this book can be read alone. 

Nathan has a talent that also was, in part, the reason his fiancĂ© was targeted by a serial killer.  The fact that Nathan gets impressions and sometimes thoughts from other people also caused friction with him and his father.  He used it as an agent, but now uses it as a Dom with his subs.

Connelly is surprised at how well Nathan understands her, but Nathan is confused as he can clearly read her thoughts.  As he helps her get more comfortable with wanting to know more about the BDSM lifestyle, Nathan also sets up a scene with his brother and his former partner for Connelly to experience something she wanted to try.  The scenes between Nathan and Connelly are hot and they discover that Connelly is a masochist to his sadist.

The intrigue woven into Master Delacroix is expertly dispersed into the love story between Nathan and Connelly. In addition, the relationships that they have with several secondary characters have an influence on how the story progresses.  There were several surprises throughout the story, but those that are familiar with the BDSM lifestyle will find lots of humorous interactions that result with Connelly’s introduction to BDSM. 

Ms. Michaels has a good grasp of the BDSM lifestyle and this is a good one for the bookshelf.  I will be reading this one again.

Monday, September 01, 2014

Review....Master Delacroix

A great review for Master Delacroix from Victoria from Hearts on Fire.

Nathan Delacroix is skilled BDSM Master who is also psychic that helps the FBI solve certain types of cases. He does not want anyone to know he is psychic that does not have to know. Nathan is likeable man and Dom. He is a kind and thoughtful man who will do what is necessary to protect and help those around him. He meets his favorite thriller author only to find out that she is not who he expected.
Connelly James is an author of thriller novels who writes under the name of James Connelly to be taken more serious. She schedules a visit with a BDSM Master to do research for her newest novel. At first neither knew of the deeper connection between the two. Connelly is attracted to Nathan right from the first meeting.
The chemistry between Connelly and Nathan is blistering. I loved how well they got along outside the bedroom, while Nathan’s abilities did help him. I think that even if he did not have them there would have been a great connection. The sex scenes were blistering. I loved how willing Nathan was to let Connelly experience what she wanted even if it was only once.
Master Delacroix is the second book in the Crime and Punishment series by Trista Ann Michaels. While this book is part of a series, it can be read and enjoyed as a standalone with ease. I found this book very well written. The main and secondary characters were both interesting and realistic. Ms. Michaels did a wonderful job of drawing the reader into the novel and keeping them entertained and on their toes all the way through. This book was fantastic! I really hope the next book is about Nathan’s brother, Daniel.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Topping the Domme review...

4 stars from Chris of Night Owl Reviews...

Topping the Domme

Crime and Punishment, #1

This was a dark and dirty read that isn't for the faint of heart. Karina and Brayden are co-workers with the same kink; domination. When a murderer starts targeting submissives they are the natural ones tagged for the case. Multiple problems arise including the latest victim was Karina's friend and that to catch the killer Karina must play the submissive. Added internal drama ensues when Karina discovers she LIKES being a submissive more than playing the domme. And we find out she may be connected to the killer in relation to an incident in her past. Yikes!

Brayden was a treat and I envisioned him as totally yummy. He handled Karina with confidence and empathy and always in the right doses. Karina was a woman in a man's world and she didn't hide her femininity to do it. These two were flammable from the beginning and I find it hard to believe they didn't connect before this case, but that is covered (sort of) in the progression of the book.

The author had me guessing all through the book and I never did ferret out the killer before the big reveal. The descriptions of the murders was pretty graphic and frankly bothered me; I don't want to believe another human would do that to someone on purpose. This was a real good read, with a lot of D/s play and just plain sex. And we are introduced to Master Delacroix, who I look forward to reading his story real soon. An entertaining read.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Review for Master Delacroix...

4 Stars from Chris at Night Owl Reviews...

Master Delacroix

Crime and Punishment, #2

Master Nathan Delacroix was introduced in the first book and he piqued my interest then. This one is all him, and the added thrill of his brother; identical twin Daniel. This story can be read alone, but I enjoyed my introduction in the first book as well as that book itself, so don't cheat yourself.
Nathan is unique in many ways, and his talents are utilized by the FBI even though he is no longer in their employ. These talents have been both a curse and a blessing - saving lives and ruining them. As a result Nathan is off-limits emotionally and will take just the sex (thank you) when it comes to being with a woman. That is until Connelly. She pushes all his buttons and while he fights the attraction, he realizes he's fighting a losing battle.

Connelly too has been damaged by life and thrown around a bit by bad luck and circumstances. She's in a good place now, if a little lonely. Well, that's about to change and the old saying "be careful what you wish for" certainly applies. It was just supposed to be research but the feelings Nathan and the BDSM lifestyle raise in her have a profound affect on Connelly. With all the dangers inherent in a relationship, can she deal with the added dimension Nathan's gift adds?

I see many more potential stories in this series and look forward to them. As always, the author delivers a steamy read that can be a little dark and deep at times. I always enjoy her imagination and subsequent story telling when I start a new tale of hers.