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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Delacroix review...

Fabulous review from Hearts on Fire for Master Delacroix..:)

Author: Trista Ann Michaels
Reviewer: Victoria
Publisher: Loose Id
Genre: M/F BDSM
Rating: ★★★★★ 
Nathan Delacroix never expected his favorite thriller author to be a woman, and a very pretty one at that. So when she comes to him for advice on BDSM, he can’t resist offering her the use of his club, as well as his skills as a Master.
Connelly is shocked at just how much she enjoys being dominated, spanked and jeez, even shared. She needs to be careful because Nathan is way out of her league. Plus he’s a target.
When a man from Nathan’s past puts her in the middle of a vendetta against him, Connelly will experience not only submission, but also what it feels like to be hunted prey. Nathan may be amazing in bed, but Connelly has no desire to love a man whose life is always in danger. She’ll soon learn that a determined Master is more ruthless than a killer seeking revenge.
Note: The first book in the Crime & Punishment series is published elsewhere. Book 2 stands alone.
Nathan Delacroix is skilled BDSM Master who is also psychic that helps the FBI solve certain types of cases. He does not want anyone to know he is psychic that does not have to know. Nathan is likeable man and Dom. He is a kind and thoughtful man who will do what is necessary to protect and help those around him. He meets his favorite thriller author only to find out that she is not who he expected.
Connelly James is an author of thriller novels who writes under the name of James Connelly to be taken more serious. She schedules a visit with a BDSM Master to do research for her newest novel. At first neither knew of the deeper connection between the two. Connelly is attracted to Nathan right from the first meeting.
The chemistry between Connelly and Nathan is blistering. I loved how well they got along outside the bedroom, while Nathan’s abilities did help him. I think that even if he did not have them there would have been a great connection. The sex scenes were blistering. I loved how willing Nathan was to let Connelly experience what she wanted even if it was only once.
Master Delacroix is the second book in the Crime and Punishment series by Trista Ann Michaels. While this book is part of a series, it can be read and enjoyed as a standalone with ease. I found this book very well written. The main and secondary characters were both interesting and realistic. Ms. Michaels did a wonderful job of drawing the reader into the novel and keeping them entertained and on their toes all the way through. This book was fantastic! I really hope the next book is about Nathan’s brother, Daniel.

Saturday, March 07, 2015

New Manage...but not my norm... matter what I did I could not get this story out of my head, so I did what any writer would do. I let the characters tell their story.

Shiver is not my usual menage. It's m/m/m. My first gay romance and it's now available on Amazon and it's already a best seller. Yay!!! :)

If erotic m/m/m is your thing or if you want to try something new, check it out...:)

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Burning Submission

Joshua's story is now available!!

As an FBI agent, Josh Barnes believed he’d seen it all--until he met Jennifer. She was smart, sassy, gorgeous, and running for her life, but from whom, Josh had yet to figure out. Her story of an ex-husband was a lie. The truth about who was after her and why was even more unbelievable. Unfortunately, the danger of her situation did nothing to stop the lust that ignited every time they got close to one another. 

Josh was a Dom and Jennifer an innocent in the ways of BDSM. He has no business introducing her to his dark world of bondage, domination, and rough sex, especially when the people after Jennifer could find her at any moment. But Josh can’t resist the pull and finds, to his delight, that Jennifer is excited by his slightly unorthodox sexual appetites.

Needing to put an end to the danger stalking his new sub, Josh comes up with a plan. Turn the tables and make the hunters the prey. The trick will be putting their plan into motion, before they’re found, because Josh has already lost his heart to Jennifer and the burning desire that rages between them.



Wednesday, December 31, 2014


I just received the following message in my email.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Mary's Menage Reviews..Interview

I'm so pleased to have Mary of Mary's Menage Reviews with me today..:)

How you got involved with menage romances?

I've always been a big fan of romances. With time, I tried to look into something more spicy but I could not find much of them in my french mother tongue. A couple of years back, I was living in a bilingual comunauty and at that time, I did not know much about ebooks so I bought them on amazon or used books on ebay. But with a limited budget, reading really fast and not finding much spicy romances, my choices were limited indeed. I was always upset with the choices in english so one day I decided to try to read a short blaze romance and all of a sudden a brand new "erotic romance" world opened for me on amazon. WOW. What a revelation! And out of nowhere, I came accross Colter's Woman by Maya Banks. I read the blurb and was immediately intringued. So what? 3 guys and one woman? in the same relationship? Really? ... I received it by mail, read it... and that's it! Hoocked for life!

Why did you decide to promote menage romances?

I love this genre. I honestly believe that not every author can write a menage because inpair number of main characters challenges every balance within the plot, love, sex scenes and romance. It also brings more intensity and possibilities. When I started to read this genre, I noticed quickly the false ideas most readers had about menage romances. So, I started to review them on amazon, and later on my blog, not only to share my passion but also to educate people that menages are not threesome porn or orgies. I am not a shy person. I am confortable in my skin and my life choices. So for me it was easy to express freely and promote this genre. If someone shares in the open, people will be maybe chocked but intringued. People judge easily what they do not understand or know but once you give them the opportunity to educate them and tell them that it is okay to love kinky and sex in romances, then you can bring more readers to this genre and more readers means more menages to us all: a win-win situation IMO.

Tell us about the Menage Romances Holidays tour?

I am an impulsive woman. Holidays is always a big time for publishers and authors. I started 2 years ago to hold the Best Menages of the Year contest but so far I had nothing special for x-mas season. I also welcome menage author guests on my blog and I thought: why not giving the oportunity to discover a new menage every day for 2 full weeks? On top of that, each author agreed to give a free book as one giveaway. ho ho ho, naughty santa is spoiling us all! So from december 21 up to january 2nd, I will invite a menage author to talk about her menage release. I am very excited about it and I hope your fans will come and visit us!

Thank you again, Trista, for this oportunity to promote this menage holidays tour! You are one of my favorite menage author and I hope to read a new menage of yours very soon!


I am an Erotic Ménage Romance Reviewer middle-aged french canadian, curious of everything with a very open mind. Homophobia and censorship are NOT part of my vocabulary! So it was no surprise that when I discovered ménage stories in 2005, I decided then and there that I would read only this genre after that. I am proud of my collection and to promote this genre. My reviews are based on reading so many of them. I am passionate and can be sarcastic if something bother me but I am always honest, never mean! Welcome to my ménage world!

Mary's Ménage Reviews
Another Way to Review Erotic Ménage Romances

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Strange things that happen at my house...

I'm convinced my son is the 'cat whisperer'. Yep.

Our cat loves to climb onto the kitchen island. No matter how many times I push her down, she still jumps back up there. Thank god she can't get to the other counters where I actually cook...:/

The other day my son was frying bacon. The cat jumped onto the kitchen island to watch and beg...yes, my cat begs.

She also makes this weird dove sound. She'll actually make that sound more than she'll meow.

Here's how their conversation went...

cat...pur like a dove.

son...Good morning, Tasia.

cat...pur like a dove.

son...Is that so?


son...I hear ya.


son...No you can't have any of the bacon.

cat...pur, but louder.

son...Hey, don't raise your voice at me.

cat....pur, but softer.

son...That's better, but no, you can't have any bacon.

Cat makes a noise that sounds amazingly like a snort of derision before jumping off the counter.

Amazing...If only my son would listen as well as the cat..:/

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Dirty, Sexy Dom

After getting several requests for John's story from Social Prey, Jonathan 'John' Hurkes will soon get his own story.

Be on the lookout and never defy a...