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Monday, April 18, 2016

Fun times....

 This past weekend hubby and I took our 14 yr old daughter to Florida for the Sun and Fun Fly In. She just started taking flying lessons, so hubby thought she would really enjoy seeing the planes and all the cool stuff the venders had for pilots, both old and new. And of course any excuse for hubby to explore all the new planes as well...:)

Here are some of the planes we saw...Below is a Phenom...because it's Phenomenal..:) Yeah, corny, I

And I don't remember what this one is. I just posted it because I love getting weird angles...:)

These are my favs. I love the old warbirds. They're just so cool..:)

And I have no idea how they even get these big monstrosities in the air to begin with.

This is the Icon. This was my dd's favorite. Looks pretty cool, but it comes as kit. If you can build it, you can get it for around $225,000. If you want it assembled? Over a million.

Yeah, I don't think we're getting that

Over all, Lakeland's Sun and Fun Fly In was pretty cool. The weather was great, the sky a beautiful blue, the airshow was a little slow to start, but once the reenactments started, it livened up quite a bit. We had a pretty good time and I came up with a great idea for a hero...:)

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