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Tuesday, April 12, 2016


I get distracted so easily. Like today, when I picked my son up from his classes, he wanted to swing by Sam's and pick up snacks. I can't go to Sam's without seeing lots of squirrels.
We walk in the door. *squirrel* "Oh, look at the flowers."
"Mom. Let's go. Snacks."
"Okay." *squirrel* "Oh, look at the cute little girl outfits."
"Mom. Snacks are this way."
"Okay." *squirrel* "Oh, books."
"Fine." *squirrel* "Oh check out the pots."
lol. He should know by now, I can't resist all those squirrels.
Unfortunately, it's like that in my writing life as well. It seems like there's always a squirrel to distract me, whether it's the laundry, someone needs a ride, dirty dishes, day to day stresses, or just a movie coming on that looks good, I always get pulled away from writing. 
That's one thing I really want to work on. I need a writing goal and maybe some accountability. And a daily writing goal.
Today, I vow to write 2,000 words. 
Tomorrow, another 2,000 words.
And so on and so on.


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