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Friday, May 13, 2016


To count down to the upcoming release of Fantasy Seduction, I''ll be posting several excerpts from Fantasy Resort. Although some of the characters appear in all the Fantasy Books, all titles are stand alone. Keep checking back for more...:)

Chapter One

Nicole Barrister, known on Klindor as Mirage, stood and surveyed the crowded Fantasy Bar with detachment. It was livelier than usual tonight, giving the place an erotic, festive air. A crowd had gathered in the center of the main floor. The fantasy had started as a threesome but had quickly grown to about ten people, all undulating against one another, their moans becoming louder and more frantic, echoing off the dark maroon walls.
She’d opened Fantasy Bar about eight years prior, so she’d become accustomed to all the sex. She watched the growing orgy with only mild interest. It amazed her just how wild some of these orgies could get and how long they could continue. Sometimes they’d gone on well past midnight, leaving everyone to collapse on the floor before practically crawling out the front door at closing time.
One very tall man caught her eye. It was his height that made her look twice. He was well over six feet with the most unusual flame-red hair. She watched as he sauntered over to a woman who was bent over, giving the man in front of her a blowjob. His long fingers delved between the woman’s legs and began to fondle her pussy, spreading her juices around the tight hole of her anus.
The tall man unzipped his slacks and slid his bulging cock into the ass of the blonde woman in front of him. Nicole kept her gaze on his shaft, but watched with only half interest as it disappeared into the woman’s ass over and over, his balls slapping against her pussy.
Another woman knelt before the blonde and put her face between her legs. Nicole tilted her head, trying to get a better image of the woman as she licked the blonde’s pussy while at the same time she fondled the man’s balls. Nicole raised an eyebrow.
“It’s interesting, isn’t it, Dax? No matter how many of them there are, they can always find a way to interlink themselves, each person of the group being pleasured at the same time they’re giving pleasure.”
“Yes. Very interesting,” he agreed.
She glanced at the tall, muscular man beside her. He’d been the bouncer here ever since they’d opened, and she considered him just as much a friend as she did Kira, her best friend, as well as half owner of Fantasy Bar. The two of them had come up with the idea one night while in college. It had started out as a joke, but soon manifested itself as the real thing. Kira’s business savvy had made it a success, while Nicole’s imagination had turned it into a one-of-a-kind hot spot.
Kira had even met the man of her dreams here. They’d married and left to open their own version of the bar in the form of a resort.
With a sigh, she realized just how much she missed Kira. She really needed to take a vacation and go visit her and Jerrod at Fantasy Resort on Portakin 3. From what she’d heard the resort was becoming quite popular and was always booked.
“Isn’t Jaimee supposed to be joining you tonight?” Dax asked as he continued to survey the group, making sure nothing got out of hand.
“Yes.” She glanced at her watch. “And he’s late.”
She’d met Jaimee two years ago, right here at the bar. Immediately, she’d felt the attraction. He was so handsome, so confident and had affected her in ways no one else ever had. She’d had sex with him. Wonderful sex, but always here in the bar, never alone. She felt safe here on the main floor. They were as close as any two people could be physically, but emotionally, she’d kept him at arm’s length.
But he’d never given up on her. He’d been patient and understanding, letting her take things at her own pace. Dax was right. It was time that changed. She’d made small steps. In fact, she’d even told him her real name just a few weeks ago. At first, she’d almost regretted the impulsive decision to whisper her real name in his ear, but that all faded the first time he’d called her Nikki. Hearing the nickname spoken with such love had melted her heart.
“A medical emergency, I’m sure.”
Nicole blinked at Dax in confusion then tried to pay more attention to what he was saying.
“Nothing less would keep the good doctor from your side. You should put the man out of his misery and tell him you love him.”
Nicole frowned. “I do not know if I love him.”
“Yes you do. It’s been years, Mirage. Your father is dead and Jaimee is not like him. He’d rather kill himself than hurt even one hair on your head. When are you going to move on and take the love this man offers you?”
She knew deep down he was right, but her nightmares continued to hold her back. “I’m trying, Dax. Really, I am.”
“I know you are, Mirage. Just let him know as well,” Dax said with a nod of his head toward the door.
Nicole looked and caught Jaimee’s smoldering brown stare. The soft lights reflected off his black hair, giving it a soft bluish hue. His dark Earth–Mediterranean looks sent her heart skipping frantically. Out of all the displays and good-looking men in the bar, Jaimee was the only one who could send her body into immediate arousal.
Once she’d had the pleasure of his massive cock ramming into her she’d not wanted anyone or even anything else. Even her toys weren’t enough. Only her Jaimee could appease the need that gripped her whenever she thought of him.
Did she love him? Or was it just a massive case of lust? After all the pain she’d suffered as a child and then the abuse at the hands of a former boyfriend, she was scared to death.
She watched him approach, her gaze taking in his wide shoulders, trim waist and lean hips. She knew very well what that body looked like nude and her hands shook with the desire to lick every inch of his dark, smooth skin. “You’re late,” she admonished.
“Am I?” He glanced at his watch and grinned playfully. “Will you punish me then?”
His deep voice sent a tremor along her spine and she took a deep breath before continuing. “Possibly. That depends on how you plan on making it up to me.”
He leaned forward and rested his hands on the bar behind her, one on either side of her hips. The movement kept her pinned and brought his lips extremely close to hers. She inhaled his musky scent mixed with the smell of morkin, an evergreen bush indigenous to the swampy planet of Klindor.
“How would you like for me to make it up to you, my pet?”
“Take me to my suite and fuck me senseless,” she brazenly replied.
He raised a dark eyebrow. “Your suite? Not here in the crowd?”
“No. Tonight I want to be alone with you.”
For a moment he just studied her, his dark brown eyes boring intently into hers. She’d never invited him to her suite before, so she was sure he was surprised. She’d even surprised herself, but she wanted to do this for him. To show him she did trust him.
And love him. She could admit it now as she gazed into his eyes, so full of love and compassion. He accepted her, made her feel beautiful and safe. She wanted more than just sex in the middle of a bar. She wanted to sleep in his arms. To be able to cuddle, and talk about their dreams.
Moving closer, she brushed her lips across his. “Take me upstairs and make love to me, Jaimee.”
Taking his hand in hers, she led him up the stairs to the third level. At the end of the long hallway was her suite of rooms, far away from the noise and music of the bar below them. It would be as if they were totally alone.
She opened the set of double doors and stepped aside, allowing him to enter before her. She locked the doors then turned, leaning her back against them. Taking a deep breath, she eyed Jaimee, standing just a few feet away. He looked so handsome. Especially when a lock of wayward hair fell across his brow, giving him a roguish look.
“This is a big step for you,” he said quietly, a tiny grin making his eyes crinkle. The harsh Klindor sun had aged him, giving him deep lines prematurely.
“I know,” she whispered before taking another deep breath. “But I believe I’m ready. I want this.”
He stepped closer and her hands gripped the door handles behind her back. But not from fear. Only desire made her body tense tonight. Desire for the man who’d melted her hardened heart and beaten down the walls she’d erected. His palms gently cupped her face and she sighed, parting her lips in anticipation of his kiss. A kiss she knew would leave her weak. They always did.
“And I want you,” he breathed against her lips.
He kept the touch of his mouth light, raining little butterfly kisses along her lips. Parting them, she silently encouraged him to slide his tongue into her mouth and consume her. The second he did, she moaned and collapsed against the thick wooden door at her back. He was such a good kisser and every nerve ending in her body tingled with pleasure.
Reaching behind her, he removed her hands from the door handles. With a gentle smile, he brought the backs of her fingers to his lips. Heat traveled up her arm, sending shocks of awareness straight to her throbbing pussy. No one had ever been as gentle with her as he was, and she followed helplessly as he walked backward, pulling her with him to the bedroom.
“I’m amazed you’ve put up with me for this long,” she whispered, her brow scrunching into a frown.
“I think you know why I have.” He placed a soft kiss on her brow, smoothing away the tension.
She grinned slightly then moved to suck his finger into her mouth, simulating a blowjob. He groaned and Nicole sucked harder, her teeth nipping at the tip. Just like always, Jaimee accepted her and loved her. She’d been a fool all this time. But not any longer.
Letting go of his finger, she grabbed a handful of his thin cotton top and tugged him to her for a kiss. Jaimee didn’t disappoint, claiming her mouth in a way that left her shaking with need. She tasted mint and a hint of orange tea and her tongue slipped into every crevice, devouring all his sweet taste she could find.
Strong hands roamed down her back and over her ass, sending chills up her spine. Her whole body burned in flames so hot they threatened to consume her. She needed him. Not the gentle, slow lovemaking she’d had in mind, but fast and hard.
His thick cock pressed into her stomach and she wiggled against it with a moan. He would feel so good inside her, and she didn’t know how much longer she could wait. “Jaimee,” she groaned, brushing her aching nipples across his chest.
Grabbing the front of her pink jacket, he tugged, popping the jeweled buttons free, causing them to ping against the hardwood floors. She gasped, her breasts springing free of the tight material. With an animalistic growl, his mouth claimed her sensitive nipples and sucked. She cried out, arching her back to fit her breast more fully into his hot mouth.
He moved to the other one as his hand made quick work of her slacks. Once around her ankles, she kicked them and her shoes to the side then lowered her arms, allowing her jacket to fall to the floor.
She stood totally naked before him. As he gazed at her body, her flesh tingled and the heat of a blush moved up her cheeks. They’d had sex so many times over the last two years, but never like this. She’d kept their time together in the bar or outside in public.
He’d never pushed. Somehow he’d known she’d come to him in her own time and maybe it was that patient, persistent side of him that made her love him so much.
“God, Nicole. You’re so beautiful.”
She smiled and titled her head, studying his still-clothed form. “It’s your turn now.”
With a wicked grin, he stepped back and slowly undressed himself, revealing his muscular form inch by excruciating inch to her hungry gaze. His chest was massive, with hard, firm pecs and washboard abs. Tan from the Klindor sun, he looked like some Greek god sent to drive her to distraction.
Pursing her lips, she pointed to his hips. “Pants.”
“You want them off. You do it.”
Strolling over to where he stood, she gently cupped the bulge behind the zipper of his coarse slacks. “My, my, doctor. What is this you have here?”
“Something I think you’ll like,” he replied with a crooked grin.
“Really?” she said with seriousness. “We’ll just have to see, won’t we?”
Releasing the snap, she unzipped his slacks, allowing his long, thick cock to spring free. She licked her lips as she softly gripped his velvety rod. Oh, yes. She definitely liked. The purple head leaked pre-cum and she leaned down to flick her tongue out and lick up the salty confection.
“Enough, woman,” he growled and stepped out of his slacks. “On your back, Nicole. I want to feel your body under me as I fuck you.”
Nicole’s breathing hitched and her heart pounded furiously. She liked this side of him and quickly did as he ordered. Lying in the center of the mattress, the cool navy blue satin comforter beneath her, she watched as Jaimee settled himself between her thighs.
They’d never had sex in a bed and the feel of his body pressing her into the soft mattress was heavenly. She sighed and lifted her knees, cradling his firm hips between her thighs. Just as his mouth clamped down on hers, his cock plunged deep, causing her to moan deep in her throat.
His huge cock ramming into her never failed to take her breath. She bucked her hips, meeting every thrust, every demand of his hot body.
“Jaimee,” she sighed between kisses. “Oh God. It feels so good.”
His thrusts increased, deepened, and she moaned her pleasure, taking every inch of his shaft inside her over and over. She could go on like this forever, and fought the rising tension in her muscles. But Jaimee’s relentless thrusts pushed her over the edge in a climax so strong light exploded behind her eyes. She screamed and wrapped her legs higher around his ribs. His cock slid deeper and she felt the shudder run through the muscles in his back.
“That’s it, baby,” he whispered. His thrusts slowed down, prolonging her orgasm until she thought she would die from the sheer ecstasy. With one final deep thrust, Jaimee found his own release and growled loudly.
Keeping his weight on his elbows, he relaxed on top of her, his face buried in her neck. “Oh, Nicole. I love you, my beautiful Nikki,” he whispered.
Nicole’s heart burst, and she rained kisses along his shoulder. “Jaimee, I need to tell you something. Something I should have told you a long time ago.”
He rose up and met her anxious gaze. She’d never told anyone what she was about to tell him and the very thought stopped her cold. She did love him with all her heart, but could she say it?
Just as she opened her mouth, his communicator beeped. “No,” she whined, closing her eyes.
“Damn it,” he growled and reached for the offending device, flipping it open. “What?” he fairly shouted.
Nicole heard bits and pieces of the conversation, enough to know it was medical in nature. He would need to go. Jaimee was one of only two doctors on Klindor and was always busy.
“All right, Jack. I’ll be right there.” Flipping it closed, he glanced at Nicole in sadness. “I’m so sorry, baby.”
She smiled and cupped the side of his face. She loved how his day’s growth of whiskers scratched at her palm. “It’s okay. We can talk when you get back.”
“I won’t be long. I promise.” With a peck to her cheek, he jumped up and quickly dressed. “Don’t move from that spot,” he said with a grin before leaving her suite, shutting the door behind him.
With a sigh, she dropped back to the mattress. “I love you, Jaimee,” she whispered toward the ceiling.

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