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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Great News!

Theirs is finished and in the hands of my editor. Yay...:) But before Theirs, Master Delacroix is to be released May 5th. Another yay..:)

Below is a blurb for Master Delacroix..:) Can't wait to see what they do for the cover of this one..:)

Nathan Delacroix never expected his favorite thriller author to be a woman, and a very pretty one at that, but when she comes to him for advice on BDSM, he can’t resist offering her the use of his club, as well as his skills as a Master.

Connelly is shocked at just how much she enjoys being dominated, spanked and jeez, even shared. She needs to be careful because Nathan is way out of her league. Plus he’s also a target.

When a man from Nathan’s past puts her in the middle of a vendetta against him, Connelly will not only experience submission, but what it truly feels like to be hunted. Nathan may be amazing in bed, but Connelly has no desire to love a man whose life is always in danger.

She’ll soon learn that a determined Master is much more dangerous than a killer seeking revenge. 

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