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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Social Prey on Sale at Amazon

Peggy met a man on Facebook. Doesn't sound too bad, does it? In actuality, it was very bad. Peggy met a man on Facebook who was pretending to be someone else. He'd stolen the identity of a fallen US soldier, convinced Peggy he was the man of her dreams, then asked her to marry him. Peggy was excited and of course, said yes. She turned in her notice, bought a wedding dress and made plans to join James in London. At the last minute, plans changed. He asked her to fly to Peru to pick up a wedding gift from his uncle, then she would join him in London.

The wedding gift ended up being stuffed with illegal drugs. The wedding in London? Never happened. Once Peggy arrived in Peru, she realized something was amiss and forwarded as much information as she could to a friend in the states. Unfortunately, it was too little, too late. Peggy was told in Peru that James' military orders had changed and she was now being flown to Turkey. Once she arrived in customs, the drugs were found, and she was immediately arrested.

James has never been found and the last time we checked, the military profile he was using is still active. The drug cartel is still out there tricking lonely women. Peggy will spend the next twelve to fifteen years in a prison in Istanbul.

My story Social Prey came about from Peggy's story.
I gave her the happy ending she'll never have and hopefully, in the process, warn women that the internet is still a dangerous place.

For the next few weeks, Social Prey will be on sale at Amazon.

Swing by and check it out and above all, stay safe.:)


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