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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Author beware...Ellora's Cave

This isn't a bash, this is a warning. In my publishing career, I've had two publishers close...Venus Press and Triskelion Publishing. Both also still owe me royalties that I'm sure I'll never see.

Ellora's Cave also owes me royalties. I've seen numerous other authors complain about not receiving checks and never being able to get anyone at EC to answer emails. When you do get an answer about late royalties they talk about how their new system has put them behind. These replies have been going on for months. If it really takes that long to put in a new system, then they have some serious problems.

I received one check dated Dec 25th and another dated Feb 25th. Nothing for January. When I asked them about it, the response was...Those are the only two checks we sent out. HUH??? So is the Feb check the one I was supposed to get for January or is it the one for February? No response. A second email was sent asking them to please answer my question. Which month was the February check for? No response.

After watching two other publishers implode, I see the signs. Unanswered emails, late checks, 6 months to install a new system? I don't think so. It's a stall tactic and they're not the first publisher to use it.

Please, authors, be very wary of EC. The writing is on the wall. There's something going on at the publisher that the authors are not privy to and it's doubtful it's expansion.

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