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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Destined for

Great review for Destined for Two from You Gotta Read Reviews.

Rhia is a lucky woman. While she is, technically, an orphan who was raised by a stranger, her adopted brother has taken good care of her and keeps her safe and content. Until two strangers walk into his bar and carry her out kicking and screaming.

Keenas and Jorel have almost given up hope of finding their lost bride. It doesn’t help that they have not seen her since she was six months old. But a new lead has taken them to the other side of the galaxy to a dead planet full of outlaws. And standing like a queen right in the middle of a slave bar is the lost princess. The knowledge that they have finally found her overpowers every other thought, and they take what they have been denied for too many years. Rhianna. Their wife. Their queen.

Destined for Two is an intriguing story about a lost princess and two sexy kings. There are lots of titillating sex scenes, the characters are drool-worthy, and the story itself is a page turner. The setting is very interesting with alien planets and barbarian races, but the people seem quite “human”. While the story is about a ménage marriage, it seems quite normal for the setting. Overall, it is a highly entertaining read that is hard to put down.

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