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Monday, October 07, 2013

Social Prey...excerpt

Social Prey excerpt, available on Kindle

The anger left Scott’s face so fast he appeared to almost go pale. “What do you mean ‘because of me’?”

Kiley sighed and stepped back away from the chair, putting some distance between her and Scott. “I didn’t mean that.”

 “Yes, you did,” Scott countered.

 He was right. She did. Now, how did she take it back?

 Her iPad beeped and for a brief second she was thankful for the interruption—at least until she saw it was her brother calling.

 Scott picked up the iPad and opened the Skype program. “Hey, land safely?”

 “Yeah.” There was a brief pause. “I thought I called Kiley’s Skype address.”

 “You did. I’m at Kiley’s.”

 “Oh. We landed safely and we’re setting up at the safe house now. We plan to head straight to the prison in about an hour or so to check things out. How are things there?”

Kiley shook her head, silently begging him not to say anything. Unfortunately, Scott didn’t pay her any attention.

“Did you know the C.I.A. is courting your sister?”

 “What?” Her brother asked in surprise, and Kiley sighed. “Where’s Kiley?”

Scott turned the iPad to face Kiley. She sent him a scathing look before glancing at her brother on the screen. “Hey, Keith.”

 “You gonna explain?” he asked. Keith never beat around the bush.

 Kiley lifted one hand, then slapped at her thigh in agitation. “It’s nothing. I just met with him at lunch. I’m not taking the job. I just wanted to hear what he had to offer.” She glared at Scott. “Your pal here is just making a big deal out of it.”

 “I know he can’t match what you’re making now money wise. What’s going on, Kiley? Why would you even consider it?”

 “Can we talk about this when you get home?” She sent her brother a pleading look she hoped he understood. “Please?”

Keith nodded. “Yeah, okay. Scott, turn me back around.”

Scott turned the pad so it faced him. “How do things look over there?” he asked.

“John’s contact is going to get me into the prison so I can see her. I’m going in as an attorney. I just hope they don’t look too closely at the forged credentials, or my discomfort in a suit.”

Scott’s lips twitched. “You in a tie? Man, I miss all the good stuff.”

 “I just hope I pass for a new, first day on the job Turkish lawyer. Half American on my mother’s side. Kiley, do you have any messages for me to take to her?”

Kiley walked over and stood next to Scott. She could feel his heat, feel his dominating presence, even smell his woodsy, masculine scent. God, she really needed to put some distance between them, and soon, before she completely gave in to the lust she felt for him.

“Just tell her I’m thinking about her. She’s going to recognize you, you know.”

 “I know, but I’m hoping she’s smart enough not to say anything.”

She studied her brother’s lined brow and the bags beneath his eyes. Being back in Turkey was affecting him more than he would admit.

“How are you?” she asked. “You look tired.”

 “I tried to get some sleep on the plane, but we had so much crap to go over, I didn’t get much.”

Kiley nodded. “Make sure you get some. It’s not good to go into a situation like this if you’re tired.”

 “I will. And will the two of you please stop fighting?”

Kiley’s eyes widened. “We’re not fighting,” they both replied at the same time.

 Keith snorted. “The two of you have been bickering non-stop for weeks.” He eyed them suspiciously before turning a firm gaze to Scott. “Lay off her about the C.I.A., Scott.”

 “Fine,” Scott growled, then hit the end button, cutting off the connection.

“Hey,” she snapped. “I wasn’t finished talking to him.”

 “And I’m not finished talking to you.”

Kiley grabbed the iPad and headed into her office. “Keith said to lay off me about that.”

 “That’s not what I want to talk to you about.”

She set the pad on her desk, but didn’t dare look up at him. He would want to know what she meant by her comment. How was she going to get out of this? What was she going to say?

“What have I done to make you want to leave?”

The softness of his voice caught her off guard. She jerked her head up and realized her mistake instantly. She found herself held captive by his insistent, sexy, and completely irresistible stare. For a few seconds, she couldn’t speak.

“Well?” he asked as he leaned his palms on the desk.

“I just…We’ve been arguing a lot lately. The tension is…”

 “Tension?” he asked, staring at her intently.

 She glanced down at the desk and began to tug at the corner of a file. “Maybe tension isn’t the right word.”

 “What is the right word?”

Love. Lust. Passion. All of it unrequited.

“Are you really not taking the job or did you just tell Keith that?”

She looked up at him. “Why does it matter?”

He shrugged. “The office wouldn’t be the same without you. Who would I get to do my ground work?”

Kiley rolled her eyes. Ground work. Of course.

“Kiley,” Scott said.

 Kiley shifted her gaze back to his.

 He watched her for a few seconds. Neither said anything. It was as though he was waiting for her to say something…do something. She knew she was waiting—waiting for him to say he loved her, that he wanted her, that he couldn’t see his life without her.

 He didn’t say any of those things, and Kiley’s heart sank. “I have a headache. Do you mind leaving so I can get some sleep?”

After a moment of silence, Scott nodded. “I’ll see you at the office.”

He turned to leave, and Kiley felt the sting of tears as they burned the backs of her eyes.

 Please, whatever you do don’t turn around and see me cry.

 He didn’t, and Kiley wasn’t sure if she was relieved or disappointed

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