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Thursday, October 03, 2013

Her Pirate

Her Pirate Master a 4 1/2 star top pic at Night Owl Reviews!! Thanks Chris!

Entwined Fates

One of my favorite series continues to thrive. Jack is a Marcone and most think she is a man by reputation but she’s a woman alright. And when she’s confronted by Haydrian Victis, she’s in big trouble in more ways than one. Seems she accidentally blew up a ship of people since the ship was so old the war...ning shot destroyed it. As she’s taken by Haydrian to use as leverage against Marcone, she finds herself taken in all ways imaginable. And liking it.

Haydrian has struggled for years to rebuild his planet and if he has to steal to do so, so be it. Marcone has gone too far this time and Haydrian has the perfect plan to draw him out and end him. Or so he thinks.

I really liked Jack and Haydrian from the start. Both strong people as the result of their upbringings they clash immediately and make spectacular fireworks. Haydrian both attracts and repels Jack, but the attraction wins out when he turns on his considerable sexual charm. And in reverse Haydrian finds himself drawn to Jack’s waspish tongue and vengeful attitude. While we could all see they were falling in love, they missed the memo. And when the truth of Jack’s identity came to light the expected occurred. How could it not?

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