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Thursday, September 05, 2013

Great review for Her Pirate Master!

Jack is a ship’s captain. She is also a Marcone. Not many people are brave enough to mess with her or her family, but one man is daring enough for anything. Not only does he take her, he keeps her. And she never wants to leave.

Haydrien is desperate. His people are sick and starving. After turning to piracy to try to save them, one of his ships has a run in with Captain Jack Marcone, and none of his men survive. He is determined to extract revenge…until he realizes that the beauty he stole is not bait for Jack, but is Jack.

Her Pirate Master is a highly entertaining read. There was a kidnapping, a slightly forced seduction (but she really, really enjoyed it), sexy characters, an interesting alien setting, and lots of steamy sex. Top it off with a romantic, happy ending, and a girl couldn’t ask for more.

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