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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dominating Miya excerpt...

Short snipped from the upcoming Entwined Fates, Dominating Miya...:)

Alex almost chuckled at the spark of jealousy in her eyes. Later, he would tell her he’d never been with those subs, but right now, he wasn’t sure he could talk. Seeing Miya secured to the poles, in nothing but those boots, had his cock twitching painfully.

 She was beautiful. Even with that fire flashing in her eyes, she was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. Again, he questioned why he didn’t like a little sass in his sub.

 His life was so crazy, so chaotic the only place he had any order was here. He wanted his sub to be obedient and sweet, never giving him any lip. Looking at Miya with her eyes narrowed in anger and her chin set at a defiant tilt, he realized just how much he enjoyed her fighting him. It made him feel alive and more satisfied than he had in a long time.

 God, he hoped she didn’t run after this. He thought about going easy on her, but he couldn’t. She needed to see, to understand, and hopefully to accept.

 If she didn’t, it would shatter his heart.

 He squatted down and took one ankle in his hand. She fought him at first, till he slapped her thigh. She gasped and relaxed her ankle, letting him secure it to the post.

 He didn’t look up at her as he moved to the other one, securing it to the pole as well. This time she didn’t fight. Before standing, he glanced up and found her scowl to be quite amusing. His gaze dropped to her smooth pussy and noticed the moisture coating her folds. She may be angry, but she was also aroused.

 He leaned forward and drew his tongue slowly through her slit. Her taste filled his mouth, and it took everything in his power not to keep going. Especially when Miya gasped softly and jerked her hips toward his face
He backed up just before his tongue touched her clit, and she growled softly. As he stood, he chuckled. “I think my sub protests a little too much.”

 “Fuck you,” she growled.

“You’re not quite ready for that yet, sub.”

Alex’s lips twitched at the anger clearly on her face. Miya cursed like that when she was scared. She should be, but she should also know he would never truly hurt her. He reached out and cupped her breasts, kneading them with his fingers. Miya bit her lip, trying to keep the moan at bay.

 Wow, she was a hot little fighter.

 He pinched her nipples, and a squeak escaped her tightly compressed lips. When her nipples were erect and hard, he reached for the black nipple clamps on the table close by. Miya looked at them with wide, almost hesitant eyes. She shook her head, silently pleading.

 Alex had a moment of doubt, but pushed it aside and placed the clamped onto her nipple. “Black to match your boots,” he murmured.

 Her face pinched, and she yelped .

“Breathe, Miya,” he whispered for her ears only. “It will pass.”

She drew in a deep shuttering breath. “Damn you.”

He clamped the other one, and this time, she gasped at the bite of pain. Two seconds later, she drew in another shaky breath, then glared at him even harder.

 God, she was stunning.

MIYA WANTED TO hit him but couldn’t move. She swore, if he got close enough, she’d bite him. Her nipples burned from the clamps, her body heated from embarrassment and anger, but between her legs was wet and aching. That made her the angriest of all.

 She wasn’t comfortable with being on public display, but deep inside, she liked the looks of approval he gave her. She even liked the lust that turned his amethyst eyes a darker purple. If she could keep looking at him, she could block out the other people’s faces.

 Unfortunately, she couldn’t block out the voices. Men all around commented on her body, her boots, her breasts, and her hair. They even commented on how lucky Alex was and how surprised they were the was dealing with her. Usually, he left the fiery subs to other Doms. That one made her want to cry. Would she go through all this only for him to tell her that she wasn’t what he wanted?

 She swallowed and tried to tamp down some of her anger, but it was hard. Alex was such an arrogant, high-handed jackass sometimes. Scratch that—most of the time. And it was second nature for her to fight against that. To fight against him. Oh, God. Was he right? Would she really not be able to submit to him?

 Tears gathered in her eyes, and she squeezed them shut. When she opened them back, Alex was watching her closely. She would not cry in front of him, because then he’d want to know why, and she just couldn’t say it. She just couldn’t tell him she loved him and was terrified she was going to lose him. Not here. Not in front of all these people.

 In that instant, she realized she couldn’t change who she was, even for Alex. He would either love her or not. Accept her or not. She just hoped he accepted.

 Narrowing her eyes, she snapped, “What are you waiting for…Alex?”

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