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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Review...Cursed By Desire

A great review from Book Chic...

Initial Reaction:
I loved this story. It was the perfect balance of sweet, romantic, and sexy.

My Thoughts:
Nursing a bruised heart from a breakup with a cheating ex, author Jordan Taylor discovers that she has been bequeathed a manor home (aka castle) in England from her deceased grandfather. Her fear of the unknown and of flying almost make her decline the home and its accompanying assets. However, Nina, Jordan’s persistent best friend and agent, convinces her that a change of scenery is just what she needs to heal. Jordan agrees, although hesitantly, and finds herself ensconced in a glorious home decorated by lovely architecture and beautiful gardens. Jordan’s first night in the home leaves her with a very unsettling, if not smoking hot, dream of a blue eyed man with long hair and elegant features. Thinking that she is dreaming, Jordan engages in a most passionate tête-à-tête with her “dream lover”. Too bad he isn’t real…or is he?!?!

I rather enjoyed this short romantic tale. Jordan and Drake’s chemistry jumps off the pages…er…pixels and their passion immediately draws the reader into the story and leaves them fanning themselves after each steamy interaction.

The addition of the wicked witch, Celeste, and the good witch, Nina provides a traditional fairytale feel to the story. But the modernity of the fairytale kept me engaged and interested in what would happen to the lovers and the people around them. I am a sucker for fairytale romances so I love that there was a sacrifice for the one you love element to the story.

This wonderfully sweet story was a quick read with just the right amounts of everything true romance lovers will appreciate.

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