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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

My life through the lens....

We went this past June to Disney World. It's one of my absolute favorite places. It's also the one place our entire family can go that everyone likes, so that's usually what we end up doing most of the time.

Usually we stay somewhere on the resort. We've done several of them, but my favorite so far are the tree houses at Saratoga Springs Resort.

We didn't get to stay there this time, though. We had too many people, so we decided to rent a house through Home Away. That was our first mistake, but that's a post for another day.

The house was nice, but the drive back and forth to Disney every day sucked. I missed the Disney transportation, which made things so much easier.

Other than that, the trip was good. The day started with a fun selfie..:) That's my daughter in law to the right. She thought it would be funny to photo bomb me and my son, which is

My grand daughter got to meet Mickey for the first time, although it doesn't look like she's too

This is my favorite picture from the entire trip. I just love the funny faces my grandkids make..:)

This is my son and I in his favorite country in Epcot. Maybe on day he'll get to go to Japan for real.

One thing I've learned. No matter your age, Disney will wear you

Disney is always a blast whether we go as a large group of nine or just me and my husband. It seems I'll never tire of Florida sunshine and Mickey Mouse..:)

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