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Sunday, July 31, 2016

My life through the lens...

Finally got out of the house last weekend and did a little hiking. It wore me out, but it felt good to be out after that horrible week of recovery.

We hiked to Laurel Falls, a small waterfall outside of Gatlinburg, Tn.

The hike is fairly easy and the trail is concrete, or at least the parts that haven't washed away.

The weather was hot, but the trail is pretty much shaded the entire way. And when you get to your destination, the cool airflow off the falls feels incredible...:)

It's a hike I could do over and over again. And probably will once the weather cools off. Fall in the Smokies is absolutely gorgeous..:)

Since I did so well, I'm now challenging you to get out and get some fresh air. Enjoy the summer!



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