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Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Excerpt....Wicked Lies.


Sinclair climbed from the limo and adjusted the sunglasses on her face. Marcus stood by the Gulf Stream IV, a small sexy jet that could fly to Europe without having to stop for fuel, doing what he called his pre-flight walk around and tire check.

Dressed in his usual uniform of black slacks, white shirt and black tie. With the gold
striped epaulets across his shoulders, he appeared very professional and his upper body very wide. The uniform suited him and accentuated a narrow waist and hips. His wavy dark brown hair was pulled back at the nape, giving his face a more serious appearance.

The driver grabbed her bags from the back of the car and carried them to the jet. Sunlight reflected off the black paint job of the plane and she squinted, despite the sunglasses. There were about four planes in the whole feet. They had no markings, no designs, just black. The color gave it a mysterious and dangerous appearance. If a plane could be sexy, then this one with its sleek design was definitely that.

Cold wind blew against her legs and she shivered, pulling her coat a little tighter around her. She hated winter. In some ways she was looking forward to this trip if for no other reason than to get out of the cold for a few days.

Marcus turned and his eyes met hers. He smiled and her legs, that normally held firm, now shook with butterflies. He was so handsome he often took her breath away. More than once he’d spoken to her and she’d stared at him speechless like an utter idiot. Marcus would just grin knowingly and return to whatever it was he’d been doing. At least he hadn’t teased her about it.

“Afternoon, beautiful,” he called over the wind.

Sinclair warmed slightly at his usual greeting. He was such a damn flirt. Not just with her but with every woman out there. Marcus didn’t discriminate. Tall, short, overweight, skinny, beautiful, not so beautiful, Marcus made a point to say something nice or sexy to all of them. It was one of the many things she admired about him. He didn’t just talk to the pretty ones, he talked to all of them, and when he did, he made her feel as though she were the only one in the room.

“Afternoon. Are we ready to head out?” she asked.

“Anxious to get out of the cold, huh?” he teased.

She stepped closer. “You could say that.”

He nodded toward the plane. “You can go on up if you want. It’s warm inside. I also

made a pot of coffee.”

“Oh, God love ya,” she said with a happy sigh. “Coffe
e sounds wonderful right

“Just save me a cup,” he called as she jogged up the steps.

Stepping inside the warm cabin, Sinclair didn’t pay too much attention to the beige

leather interior. She’d seen it so many times now it failed to impress. As she stepped into the small galley, she let her fingers trail along the shiny wood trim of the cabinets. She enjoyed the feel of this wood. It was so dark, so soft. She would love to have a house full of furniture made from the same wood.

She heard Marcus behind her as he made his way up the stairs and into the cabin. Her heart did a little flip of excitement as she reached to open the upper cabinet and pull down two ceramic mugs with lids.

“Still take it black?” she asked over her shoulder as he passed behind her and into the cockpit.

“Of course,” he said with a grin that made her stomach flutter.

God, he made her crazy with just a simple look. If she ever got drunk around him, she’d embarrass the hell out of herself by making a pass at him. Or worse, seducing him. She had no business doing that, although she could definitely admit, at least to herself, she fantasized about it.

His wide, thick shoulders dwarfed her, but she never felt intimidated. She felt safe when he was close. More than once his “don’t mess with me or mine” stance and hard-as- stone stare had scared off more than one guy who had gotten too aggressive. He’d turned out to be quite handy to have around on occasion.

He’d never made a pass, though. He’d flirted, teased, even lightly touched a time or two, but not once had he tried to kiss her. She pursed her lips in deep thought as she poured their coffee. Did he not find her attractive? Sometimes she caught him watching her, but if he wanted her he never let it show. Maybe it was because they both worked for the same man ... maybe. Or maybe he just didn’t see her that way.

She had to admit sometimes she wished he did. Sometimes, she wished he would just grab her and kiss her senseless. It had been so long since she’d had sex. Toys were great, but after a while, even that didn’t do it.

The whine of the jet engines let her know they would be taking off soon, so she pushed her naughty thoughts of Marcus aside and tightened the lids on their cups. Grabbing both of them, she stepped into the cockpit and handed him one over his shoulder.

“Thank you, baby,” he murmured as he took it from her, but kept his eyes on the instruments in front of him.

He often used endearments when he talked to her, but it still never failed to make her spine tingle.

“You’re welcome, darlin’”, she replied before turning and stepping back into the cabin.

She didn’t miss his chuckle and smiled to herself as she settled into one of the six leather seats and made herself comfortable for the flight. The small phone next to her beeped and she quickly picked it up, knowing it would be Marcus on the other end.

“It’ll take us about five hours, give or take, to get there. We’ve got a strong tail wind that will help push, so I’m hoping we can shave a little off that time.”

“Sounds good. I’ve got plenty to keep me busy,” she replied, enjoying the sound of his deep baritone voice through the phone line.

“Have you ever been to this place?” he asked.

She grinned slightly. “Never even heard of it, much less been to it. You?”

“I’ve heard of it.”

“Really?” she asked, intrigued. “Then you know more than I do. He didn’t send me

much information. I’m assuming it’s a pretty large piece of property.”

“It’s not property, baby. It’s a resort.”

She remained silent for a few seconds. “A what? Never mind. I’m coming up front.”
She hung up the phone and headed to the cockpit. Marcus settled his headset and adjusted the mic so it rested in front of his lips as he continued to fly through the preflight checklist with the speed of someone who’d done this a million times or more.

She leaned against the doorjamb and placed her palm against the other side as she frowned down at a grinning Marcus.

“Okay, spill it. What do you know that I don’t?” 

“I don’t know a thing,” he said, grinning.

“You said it was a resort.”

“It is.”

“What kind of resort?”

His lips twitched and he had a twinkle in his eye that made her think he knew more than he was letting on. “Let’s just say you’re in for a surprise. It’s not your average Caribbean resort.”


He held up a finger and she could hear the voice coming through his headset loud and clear, giving him clearance to proceed to the runway. This conversation would have to wait. The tower always came first, which was as it should be. Detroit airport was crowded and Marcus needed to have one hundred percent of his attention on flying and the circling traffic.

He put his fist over the mic and winked. “Relax. You’ll love it.”

There was something about the deep, sexy tone to his voice that made Sinclair question just how much she might love it. If there was one thing Sinclair hated most, it was surprises. 


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