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Sunday, January 31, 2016


My husband and I both bought a fitbit surge a little while ago in the hopes that we could keep better track of how we eat and what we burn on a regular basis. He was diagnosed with Diabetes a few years ago, and I've been struggling with my weight ever since I had my third child.

It's been a constant up and down. More up than down, unfortunately. My best weight so far was when I joined the gym and hired a trainer. I worked with her for several months and went from a size 16 to a size 12. I looked so much better and felt fabulous, until...I started having trouble with my knee. At first they thought I'd torn the meniscus, but an MRI revealed I had degenerating cartilage...Arthritis.

Hearing that news sucked. I'm only in my 40's!!

Oh, well. such is life, I suppose. I stopped working out for a while and went back to a 14. Now, I'm back in it again, but not working quite as hard, and definitely not running. Running just makes my knee pound.

Even though I worked out really hard with my trainer, I never lost as much weight as I should've during that time. Mostly because I never got my diet right. Still don't really have it right, but I  am doing much better. Especially with the fitbit. I pay close attention to my calories more so than the workout and it seems to be working. At least so far.

Willpower is my biggest thing. I allow myself one cheat day. But it seems like all week prior to the cheat day all I can think about is what I plan to cheat with. Will it be chips...or ice-cream? I've never been a big sweats person, but when I'm trying to eat right, which for me is low carb, I start craving sweats. It's the most annoying thing..:/

Ugh!! I want a cookie!! lol

So that's what is up with me. Struggling to get my writing done. Struggling to not eat a cookie..<sigh>

Hopefully, the cravings will pass soon. But I have even more hope that I get this stupid Menage story done before I throw it out the freakin window!!



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