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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Strange things that happen at my house...

I'm convinced my son is the 'cat whisperer'. Yep.

Our cat loves to climb onto the kitchen island. No matter how many times I push her down, she still jumps back up there. Thank god she can't get to the other counters where I actually cook...:/

The other day my son was frying bacon. The cat jumped onto the kitchen island to watch and beg...yes, my cat begs.

She also makes this weird dove sound. She'll actually make that sound more than she'll meow.

Here's how their conversation went...

cat...pur like a dove.

son...Good morning, Tasia.

cat...pur like a dove.

son...Is that so?


son...I hear ya.


son...No you can't have any of the bacon.

cat...pur, but louder.

son...Hey, don't raise your voice at me.

cat....pur, but softer.

son...That's better, but no, you can't have any bacon.

Cat makes a noise that sounds amazingly like a snort of derision before jumping off the counter.

Amazing...If only my son would listen as well as the cat..:/

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