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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Mary's Menage Reviews..Interview

I'm so pleased to have Mary of Mary's Menage Reviews with me today..:)

How you got involved with menage romances?

I've always been a big fan of romances. With time, I tried to look into something more spicy but I could not find much of them in my french mother tongue. A couple of years back, I was living in a bilingual comunauty and at that time, I did not know much about ebooks so I bought them on amazon or used books on ebay. But with a limited budget, reading really fast and not finding much spicy romances, my choices were limited indeed. I was always upset with the choices in english so one day I decided to try to read a short blaze romance and all of a sudden a brand new "erotic romance" world opened for me on amazon. WOW. What a revelation! And out of nowhere, I came accross Colter's Woman by Maya Banks. I read the blurb and was immediately intringued. So what? 3 guys and one woman? in the same relationship? Really? ... I received it by mail, read it... and that's it! Hoocked for life!

Why did you decide to promote menage romances?

I love this genre. I honestly believe that not every author can write a menage because inpair number of main characters challenges every balance within the plot, love, sex scenes and romance. It also brings more intensity and possibilities. When I started to read this genre, I noticed quickly the false ideas most readers had about menage romances. So, I started to review them on amazon, and later on my blog, not only to share my passion but also to educate people that menages are not threesome porn or orgies. I am not a shy person. I am confortable in my skin and my life choices. So for me it was easy to express freely and promote this genre. If someone shares in the open, people will be maybe chocked but intringued. People judge easily what they do not understand or know but once you give them the opportunity to educate them and tell them that it is okay to love kinky and sex in romances, then you can bring more readers to this genre and more readers means more menages to us all: a win-win situation IMO.

Tell us about the Menage Romances Holidays tour?

I am an impulsive woman. Holidays is always a big time for publishers and authors. I started 2 years ago to hold the Best Menages of the Year contest but so far I had nothing special for x-mas season. I also welcome menage author guests on my blog and I thought: why not giving the oportunity to discover a new menage every day for 2 full weeks? On top of that, each author agreed to give a free book as one giveaway. ho ho ho, naughty santa is spoiling us all! So from december 21 up to january 2nd, I will invite a menage author to talk about her menage release. I am very excited about it and I hope your fans will come and visit us!

Thank you again, Trista, for this oportunity to promote this menage holidays tour! You are one of my favorite menage author and I hope to read a new menage of yours very soon!


I am an Erotic Ménage Romance Reviewer middle-aged french canadian, curious of everything with a very open mind. Homophobia and censorship are NOT part of my vocabulary! So it was no surprise that when I discovered ménage stories in 2005, I decided then and there that I would read only this genre after that. I am proud of my collection and to promote this genre. My reviews are based on reading so many of them. I am passionate and can be sarcastic if something bother me but I am always honest, never mean! Welcome to my ménage world!

Mary's Ménage Reviews
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Thank you so much for hosting me, Trista Ann!

I hope your fans will visit us and discover tons of new menages, including yours!