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Monday, October 13, 2014

The sinking Ellora's Cave

Things are still an absolute mess. I posted last month that I'd finally gotten a royalty check. I received a check dated 8/29 on 9/29...that's right, a full month late...for May royalties that I should have received back in July. Yeah, and EC says they're not behind. Wow.

It's now 10/13 and I still have not received another check. I saw on twitter that an EC author had just received her check dated 8/29, so my guess is I won't see another check until sometime in November, if I even get one at all.

It's interesting how these missing checks come about the same time that EC sued Dear Author. Guess I know where my royalties are going.

When we work for a company, we expect that company to pay on time. If you're paid on Friday, you expect a check on Friday. Why should EC be any different? Just because it's royalties, is it okay to just pay whenever they feel like it?

No, it's not.

Jaid Black continues on as though she's done nothing wrong. And in her mind, she probably believes it. It's amazing to me that someone could be that blind. And what about the employees of EC? Raelene for example and the other office staff, especially the payroll department. In my mind, if they saw the company doing something bad, didn't speak out and did what they were told to do without question, they're just as guilty in all this.

Just because they're nice to you, doesn't mean they're not doing something wrong.

Oh, and that automated reply I received from the payroll department of EC, saying I would get a response in two weeks? I never received a response. You really didn't think I would, did you?

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