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Friday, October 10, 2014

Review Theirs To Share

Five Nymphs from Literary Nymphs Reviews..:)

The third book in the Crime and Punishment series, Theirs to Share, is a fast paced action and love story.  The author kept the story interesting and threw in at least one surprise toward the end. I really enjoyed the backstory for Grayson and Parker.  The author threw in a few humorous tidbits that were reflected as the story progressed. The men are cousins whose mothers are twins who did something that makes them extremely close and able to connect mentally.  As FBI agents, they watch each other’s backs.

Both men are attracted to Cheyenne and she is just as attracted to them.  All three try to resist acting on that attraction, but of course they fail.  The men aren’t sure Cheyenne will be able to handle a relationship with both of them long-term but once she makes up her mind, she is worried they don’t want that with her.  Once all the misunderstandings get sorted out, the scenes between them all get even hotter.

I loved David and his relationship with Cheyenne. There is a small secondary story with Cheyenne’s friend, David, which works out.  In addition, other agents show up to help and one may end up with his own story if hints are any indication.  

The stories in this series can be read as individual stories without having to read the entire series in order.  I would recommend reading all of them though, as each are good stories for the bookshelf. I am looking forward to the next one and hope it is Josh’s story.

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