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Thursday, February 06, 2014

Works in progress...

I always worry that the muse will stop. That suddenly, the ideas will stop flowing. So far, I've been lucky. A song on the radio, a movie, even Ancient Aliens have stirred the muse. Anybody else watch that show?

Anyway, works in progress are... Well, in

Right now, I'm working on Theirs. Another book in the Crime and Punishment series. A ménage a trios that takes me back to my roots of Their One and Only.

Chris and Sharna's story is in the works, as well as Jonah's story from the Entwined Fates series.

And I had a really wild idea watching Ancient Aliens. It involves alien twin clones from the future, a woman determined to finish her father's work, which involve the mystical 13 crystal skulls, and a universal paradox that the twins need to stop before the skulls destroys the world. Now that one will take a little research in science.

Time to get the Star Trek DVD's out for inspiration...:)

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