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Friday, January 31, 2014

Master Delacroix...Excerpt

I just signed the contract for my next book in the Crime and Punishment series, Master Delacroix. So to celebrate and to warm us up a bit from all this cold weather, I'm posting a short excerpt below. This is unedited, so ignore all the typos..:)

Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed him move to the side just before a harsh slap landed across her backside - something hard and thin. She yelped and shifted as best she could, but couldn’t get away from the sting and the heat now covering her ass. The leather rubbed against her nipples, adding to the wicked sensations now coursing through her.

Another slap and the heat working its way through her body singed her insides. She glanced up and noticed Daniel watching her with that same intense stare Nathan had. Lust shone in his eyes, and she shivered with delicious hunger. Her deceased husband never looked at her like that.

Nathan slapped her again and this time she moaned as every part of her wanted to undulate and purr like a cat in heat. God, this was nuts. Twice more his paddle landed against her ass, forcing her forward against the table. Damn, it stung but at the same time made her so hot. The pain morphed into a pleasurable need that had her almost panting.

Nathan returned his hand to her pussy, softly stroking her through the cream that coated her mound. She moaned and bit her lip, fighting the orgasm she could feel just below the surface. All it would take is one soft brush of his finger across her clit, and she would explode.

She tried to move against his hand, desperate for more, for anything that might end this agonizing need that now gripped her. His hand froze and she groaned in frustration.

“Be still, sub,” he commanded.

The sexy tone of his voice was almost enough to send her screaming over the edge.

“You’ll come when I allow it and not before. Am I clear?”

She scowled. “How the hell am I supposed to stop that?”

Nathan slapped her hard across the ass. She cried out in both shock and pain, but that pain soon blended with her lust, and she mewled like a kitten. Was that punishment for her smart mouth? Her question? Not calling him Master?

“I don’t mind a little sass in my sub. As a matter of fact, I enjoy it, but when I ask you a question, I expect it to be answered,” Nathan explained. “Am I clear?”

“Yes, Master,” she whispered, shocked at just how much this turned her on.

“Good, girl. Now. Are you ready for something a little more?” Nathan asked.

“Yes, Master,” she panted. “Please.”

Connelly was shocked at the needy sound of her voice. She’d never begged. Never been turned on enough to beg. She had a feeling tonight, she’d beg a lot.

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