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Monday, January 06, 2014


Life is hard. Writing is hard. Losing weight is even harder.

Being an author is the best thing in the world. I finally get to silence all those voices in my head by putting their stories down on paper. Unfortunately, there's more to being an author than just writing stories.

There's website updates, edits, marketing, social media, advertising, release parties, blog tours. I write full time and I struggle with getting it all done. I often wonder how authors who have a day job do it all.

In reality, it's all a crap shoot. You can advertise all day long, but if you haven't written a story that catches the reader's eyes, it just won't sell. Some lucky few do nothing and still make best seller lists left and right. Authors often wonder what more they can do or what they've done wrong.

Sometimes you feel like you did in high school, the misfit sitting in the corner, watching the world pass them by, wondering why they don't like you.

I see posts like this on facebook all the time. I feel for them. I understand them. I've been there. I think we all have.

I write the best story I can. I write the story that's in my head, the one the characters are begging to be told. I put my heart and soul in it, in them. It's all I can do. I hope it's enough.


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