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Sunday, December 29, 2013 that even a word?

Writing can sometimes be incredibly tedious. All the details that seem minor can sometimes hint at major issues to come or nothing at all. Trying to keep it all straight isn't always easy.

Some days, I forget. (big shocker there) Some days, I lose track of where I'm going with a character. Or some days, that character derails me with a thought that comes completely out of left field.

It happens to all writers. Some days, it feels as though it happens to me more often than

My writing can sometimes go off track just like my thoughts can. One minute I'm talking about this, then all of a sudden, I change subjects. My characters do the same thing.

There are days when I understand some of the odd looks my husband and kids give me, because I'll give the computer screen that same Right now I'm giving my character, Cheyenne that same 'are you insane' look.

She can't seem to make up her mind. She wants to. She doesn't want to. She's afraid. She's confident. She's angry. She's confused. She wants Parker. She wants Grayson. She wants them both. The thought of wanting them both makes her tremble in uncertainty. What's a girl to do? Or a writer for that matter?

My husband would say it's the wishy-washy mind of a woman. I say it's pure stubbornness and a fear of the unknown. After all...two hunky men at once can sometimes be a bit much to handle..:)

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