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Thursday, December 12, 2013


As an erotic romance author, do you ever get looks like these?

Here in the bible belt, we get these quite It's even hard to do book signings here sometimes. People here will buy erotic books all day long online or with their kindle, but go out in public? Where other people might see them? Absolutely not. Why they might burst into flames right there on the spot.

Most times I just laugh. Or shake my head. There's no point getting upset. People are who they are and they believe what they believe and that won't be changing anytime soon.

Next time someone gives you one of those pervert looks, just smile and say what we southern ladies say.

"She's such an idiot. Poor thing, God love her. Bless her heart."

See here in the south, if you add those three things, you can say anything you want about any body. Because how bad can calling her a bitch be if in the same breath you ask god to love her and bless her heart?

You just gotta love southern ladies..:)

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