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Monday, August 12, 2013

excerpt...Up In Flames

Excerpt from upcoming release...Entwined Fates: Up In Flames.

Hayden swallowed as he watched Cara remove the shirt, exposing her bare breasts. They were full and firm with dusky-pink nipples that hardened under his stare. He wanted to grab her to him and lick across those perky nipples till she squealed.

“Cara, what the hell are you doing?” he choked as she tossed the shirt to the floor and walked toward him.

She straddled his lap. “Seducing you.”

Hayden fisted his hands at his sides as she lifted her arms and brushed her hair back off her shoulders.

“Don’t you want to touch them?” she whispered.

Hayden was stunned. For someone who didn’t know what she was doing, she was doing damn good. Hell yes, he wanted to touch them—touch them, taste them, suck them.

Hayden put his hands at her waist and tried to stand. “Someone could walk by and see us, Cara,” he tried lamely to argue.

Truthfully, he didn’t give a rat’s ass about that.

A very strong invisible force shoved him back down just as the doors to the den shut loudly. Hayden stiffened.

“I’m telekinetic, remember?” she murmured.

Hayden glared at her. It was the first time he’d seen her use her powers. He never imagined she would actually use them on him. “Cara. Let me up.”

She braced her hands on the back of the chair and narrowed her eyes right back. Despite being slightly pissed at her for holding him down, he had to admit she was incredibly sexy at the moment.

“I could keep you here and just have my way with you,” she purred.

“And then I could bust your ass when you’re done,” he replied.

Her eyes widened. She sat back slightly but still kept her hands on the back of the chair. “Interesting. You would really spank me?”

Hayden closed his eyes as images of doing just that ran rampant through his mind. “This is so not where I wanted this conversation to go.”

“I’ve heard men talking about that. Spanking a tight, round ass, I believe is what they said. I was really only half listening at the time. I think because I felt nothing, men thought they could just say—”

Hayden swallowed. “Cara,” he growled.

“Whatever came to mind. They seem to like how it turns red.”

“Cara,” he snarled again.

“I’m curious now. If I took my pants off, would you spank me?”

“No!” Hayden snapped.

Not that he didn’t want to. He would love to bend her over that table right now and spank that adorable ass. She needed to be spanked. What the hell was she doing?

He tried so hard not to look at her breasts. They were right there, just in front of his gaze. It would be so easy to lean forward and capture one of those perky nipples between his teeth. She’d released her hold on him, so it would be so easy…

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