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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

5 star review for Her Pirate Master...

5 stars from Long and Short Reviews for Her Pirate Master!! Yay!!

A swashbuckling romance with a space twist, and a heavy dose of erotic spice; Her Pirate Master is part of a larger series by Trista Ann Michaels but stands alone beautifully.

Captain Jacquelyn “Jack” Marcone is taken hostage by Haydrian Victis, who’s known throughout the solar system as an infamous pirate. Haydrian has no idea the woman he’s kidnapped is Captain Jack Marcone, but he does think he can trade her for Jack. The chemistry between Jack and Haydrian is off the charts, they push and pull and she surrenders to him beautifully. Haydrian is a pirate and a Dom and Jack wants to submit badly even when she can’t help but defy the man who kidnapped her. This story reminds me of the books I started romance on, stories of strong heroines who fight against love and life with arrogant heroes that are so hot and dominant they seduce the heroines into their beds.

The world building is well done, I could easily see this as a movie or miniseries, it played like that in my head. I could see the images, the ship, the bleak darkness of space and then Haydrian’s home world ravaged by war.

The sex is off the charts and very inventive. I loved the way that Jack gave in to him and just let herself enjoy and Haydrian’s softer gentler side made me sigh happily. I recommend this space romance for lovers of dominant gentle pirates and the heroines strong enough to love them.

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