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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Entwined Fates: Captive by Trista Ann Michaels
Futuristic Romance e-book- April 28th, 2009
5 stars

I love futuristic romances. And this is a delicious tale that is sure to satisfy anyone’s palate. Trista Ann Michaels slowly and expertly brings the reader into a new world full of: intrigue, betrayal and deception. In addition, to the fantastic world building she takes the time for the reader to really understand and love her characters.

Imagine Earth is being invaded by aliens. Mikayla is on the run with her friend to find her mother. On the way she is abducted by human-like aliens who sweep her off to a spaceship. There Mikayla is forced to work as a bar maid in skin tight clothes as ‘eye candy’ for the men on the spaceship. Resentful and afraid Mikayla is nonetheless courageous as she tries to find independence and a way to escape. Unfortunately, she catches the attention of the 3rd in command to the invasion, Captain Sidious.. Sidious is the most attractive man Mikayla has ever seen and she can’t help her body’s response to him. She is torn by her feelings, as their tumultuous relationship progresses. How can she be attracted to a man whose hands are filled with the blood of her people? Mikayla knows she must fight any feeling she has for him.. He is the enemy…

Sidious is exhausted. He is actually a spy for the rebels. But the acts he has committed to ‘prove’ his loyalty to the Prime Minister have haunted and aged him. Sidious abhors his actions but tries to remember that eventually his sacrifices will be responsible for taking down the Prime Minister and his reign of domination. However, the invasion of peaceful planet, Earth, and the lovely woman from that planet tests his resolve. He knows he must continue his fa├žade even if the woman he loves despises him. The Prime Minister must be stopped and Sidious’s cover is key to the rebellion. Sidious knows his feelings for Mikayla must come second. Yet Sidious can’t stay away from Mikayla even as he knows it puts her life in danger.

This was a fabulous novel from start to end. I was immediately drawn to the characters and the storyline. It reminded me of a great space opera with very sensual love scenes. The author does not insult the reader with trite or simplistic storylines. Even though the story is a futuristic it felt very realistic. I can only hope this author will continue the series?! Sidious’s brothers Stefan and Taron are equally fascinating.

My favorite part of this story were the strong characters. I fell in love with the hero Sidious and wished he were real. Sidious is an extremely noble and self-sacrificing character that is ALL man ladies! He was one of the best heroes I’ve read in a long time. Mikayla is a fun and feisty heroine. I was fascinated by her struggle to reconcile her attraction to Sidious and her beliefs. This was an exciting story that transported me into a new world that I found exhilarating and mesmerizing. Trista Ann Michaels has made a new fan!

Reviewed by Steph from the Bookaholics Romance Book Club

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