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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Review for Darkness Falls...

Susan’s Review:
I have been awaiting a new novel by Trista Ann Michaels ever since I devoured her previous amazing menage books. I am so happy that I wasn’t disappointed. Darkness Falls is a steamy hot encounter with ghosts, a sexy pair of twins, and a heroine that is as modern as they come with a traditional core tucked inside.Ghosts and ghost stories are not always my cup of tea, but you wouldn’t have known that with this novel. Once I started, I had to continue to find out what Alana was up against, both in spirit form as well as in hot male form with identical twins Aiden and Noah.
The love scenes between Alana and Aiden were scorchingly hot, mouthwatering and left the reader breathless. Once she was able to sample both of them at the same time, it’s a wonder the fire department wasn’t needed. Few love scenes light up the pages like the ones that Ms. Michaels has created.
The mystery with the hauntings going on inside an old house that is connected to the twins’ makes for some spine tingling realistic moments and brings an element of surprise and eerieness to an already well crafted novel. Realistic dialogue only add to the palpable connection that our heroine feels for her sexy set of twins.
Darkness Falls clearly presents a vivid story complete with well developed characters that keep you on your toes throughout. An amazing cast of secondary characters complements Alana, Noah, and Aiden and are instrumental in bringing this ghostly thriller to life.
Rated 5 Delightful Divas and a Recommended Read by Susan!

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