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Sunday, November 13, 2016

A new menage..:)

Below is an excerpt from my upcoming menage, Two For Tessa..:)


Three FBI agents. One massive amount of trouble.

Logan sat in the passenger seat of the Buick Enclave and stared out the window. They could’ve gotten here in a day, but since they’d started out so late, they’d stopped off in Bristol, Tennessee for the night before heading to their destination in Nashville. Tessa wanted to see where they would be living before they headed out to buy clothes.
Malcolm made a right hand turn and Logan sighed tiredly at the massive gate before them. “A gated community. What fun,” Logan murmured.
“Full blown suburbia,” Malcolm replied, but less cheerfully.
They’d grown up in Washington. Neither was a fan of the suburbs.
“Yep,” Tessa said with angry sarcasm. “Communities ruled by nosy associations that have nothing better to do than think of ways to drain your pocket book and steal your house.”
Both he and Logan turned to look at her.
“What?” she asked.
“Where did that come from?” Malcolm asked.
Her lips twisted as she turned to look back out the window. “Sorry. My parents lived in one of these during the financial crisis. The association foreclosed on their house when they couldn’t pay the dues. I tend to get a little resentful.”
“It’s understandable,” Logan said softly.
Tessa looked at him and smiled slightly. “I’ll try to do better, especially since we’re going to be living here for a while.”
“Speaking of that,” Malcolm said as he grabbed the gate card from the console between the front seats and waved it in front of the computer screen. The gate beeped and began to slide open. “Let’s go over everything. I’m Malcolm Morningside and you’re my brother, Logan Morningside.”
“Obviously,” Logan drawled.
Logan continued as he followed the GPS instructions to their house. “You’re staying with us while you finalize your divorce and find a new job. I’ve transferred here from Miami, but we came early in order to hopefully find a house to buy before my new job starts in a little over a month.”
“Details, details,” Logan drawled.
“Hey, it’s those details that will make this more realistic and hopefully, keep our behinds from being found.”
“I know, Mal. I’m just giving you a hard time,” Logan replied.
“Tessa?” Malcolm asked as he glanced into the rearview mirror.
When she didn’t answer, Logan turned in his seat to look at her. She sat staring out the window, lost in thought or possibly admiring the large houses that overlooked the lake behind it.
“Tess,” Logan said a little louder.
She jumped and stared at him in surprise. “Oh. Sorry. I’m Tess Morningside.”
“And you are?” Malcolm asked, wanting her to continue.
She sighed. “Why couldn’t I have been your sister? Why do I have to be your wife?”
“Because for one, we look nothing alike,” Logan reasoned.
“I could be adopted,” she countered.
“And for two, a married couple with my brother staying with us sounds more believable than three siblings. Not to mention the disgusted looks I would get when the neighbors caught me staring at your ass. Brothers don’t do that,” Malcolm said.
“Are you seriously not able to control yourself any better than that?”
“Have you seen your ass?” Malcolm asked as he glanced at her in the rearview mirror.
Logan bit back a smile. “You do have a nice ass, Tess.”

She crossed her arms and returned to staring out the window. “Both of you need to grow up.”

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