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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Excerpt 5...Fantasy

To count down to the upcoming release of Fantasy Seduction, I''ll be posting several excerpts from Fantasy Resort. Although some of the characters appear in all the Fantasy Books, all titles are stand alone. Keep checking back for more...:)

Chapter Five

Jaimee strolled behind the bar, sneaking up on Nicole. Her gaze was glued to the couple at the far end. The woman lay on her back, her legs splayed for the man before her. The man’s face dipped, licking his tongue along the woman’s slit. Her moans carried above the soft music playing and several heads turned to stare.
His own cock hardened in response to the image and he moved closer to Nicole. Her beautiful blue eyes smiled at him over her shoulder and his heart melted. He loved her so much and would give his life if she would love him back. But she’d been through so much. He knew if he pushed her, she’d run.
“Women always come to Vetah for oral sex. I hear he’s quite good.”
“At least you’ve only heard and you don’t know firsthand,” he purred in her ear, his hands reaching around to squeeze her firm breasts through the thin material of her blouse.
“Would you be jealous if I had?” She gave him a husky giggle and wiggled her hips. His cock hardened painfully and he held her still, pressing it into the soft flesh of her ass.
He growled against her neck. “Don’t push it, woman. I’d hate to have to kill the man.”
Again, she chuckled and placed her hand over his. Slowly she moved it down her body and beneath her skirt, nestling it at her dripping pussy. Her nether lips were saturated with her juices and he moved his fingers along her slit, spreading it. She moaned and rested her back against his chest.
He nipped at her sensitive neck with his teeth. “What’s your fantasy, Nicole?”
“I want you to do that to me,” she sighed. “Fuck me with your tongue.”
He smiled and circled her swollen clit with the ball of his middle finger. She gasped and jerked her hips forward. “Here, Nicole? Do you want me to throw you up on that bar and fuck you with my tongue until you scream? Right here?”
“Oh, yes. Now, Jaimee. Please.”
“Well,” he drawled as he continued to tease her clit. “Since you said please.”
He turned her around and lifted her to the bar. With his palms, he slid her skirt up, revealing her beautiful pussy to his hungry gaze. The bar was the perfect height. He stepped between her thighs and lifted her legs over his shoulders in anticipation of getting his mouth on her.
She was perfect and he spread her swollen lips with his fingers. Leaning forward, he inhaled her sweet, musky scent then softly blew against her. Her gasp encouraged him and he moved closer, letting his tongue slowly lick up her slit to circle around her swollen nub.
“Oh God. Yes,” she groaned and undulated her hips against his face. With a hand on her stomach, he stopped her movements.
“Hold still,” he commanded.
“I can’t,” she moaned and thrashed her head from side to side. “You do that so well. Don’t stop.”
Keeping a firm hold on her abdomen, he continued the leisurely strokes of his tongue and turned a deaf ear to her pleas. He loved driving her crazy. He loved how she lost control and screamed his name as she climaxed.
He pushed one finger then two into her hot channel and gritted his teeth against the desire to ram his cock in her instead. She was so wet and hot, like pure lava coating his fingers. And her taste. God, he would never get enough of her taste. She was like sweet honey.
He softly bit at her swollen labia as he removed his fingers and spread her juices around the tight, puckered hole of her anus. She whimpered, and he pushed through the tight opening, sinking his fingers knuckle deep.
Her juices flowed and he lapped at them, his fingers fucking her ass as his tongue fucked her pussy.
“Oh, yes, Jaimee,” she sighed and moved her hips in time with his thrusts.
The walls of her ass quivered along his fingers as he moved to circle her clit with the tip of his tongue. Her hips lifted from the bar, seated her pussy more firmly against his face. He increased the rhythm of his thrusts just as he increased the pressure to her clit and her whole body seemed to explode around him. The walls around his fingers clenched and pulsed, her juices poured from her pussy, and he licked away every drop as she slowly floated back down, her moans fading into whimpers.
Ethan awoke with a start and gripped his aching cock. His balls ached with the need to spill his seed, and he groaned. Damn it, he hated having these fucking dreams. He’d been having them for the last month, ever since he’d come out of the coma. He always woke up in agony and masturbating never really seemed to help. He needed Nicole, but he didn’t dare go to her. Not as Ethan.
With a string of curses, he threw back the covers and headed to the shower. Turning the water to cold, he stepped inside and let the water cascade down his back and buttocks, but the temperature did nothing to appease the ache in his balls. Bracing one hand against the wall, he gripped his cock with the other. He’d be in pain for hours if he didn’t do something. Masturbation was a poor substitute, but he would never get back to sleep if he didn’t.
Closing his eyes, he thought of Nicole as he slowly worked his hand up and down his length. His thumb circled the head, spreading the pre-cum around the tip. He groaned, his hips jerking forward. Images of Nicole swam through his mind and he moaned aloud as he imagined her face before him.
* * * * *
Nicole tied the sash of her robe around her waist and decided to head to the kitchen for some warm milk. Maybe that would help her sleep. Nothing else had.
As she walked by Ethan’s door, she heard a moan come from inside. Was he in pain? Coming to a stop, she placed her palm against the door and listened. There it was again. Deciding she needed to check on him, she silently opened the door and stuck her head in the room. “Ethan?” she called out softly.
When he didn’t answer, she stepped in, her gaze scanning the empty room and tangled sheets. She heard the shower water running and frowned. What was he doing taking a shower at three in the morning?
Another moan sounded and she quickly walked to the bathroom. To her right was a double sink set within Portakin pink marble, on the counter a white ceramic cup but nothing else. Apparently Ethan hadn’t bothered to unpack yet. The floor matched the marble counters and was cold against her bare feet. Ethan moaned again and she stepped closer to the marble shower directly in front of her.
She could see his shadow through the frosted glass of the shower door. He was leaning forward slightly, his hand braced on the wall. Was he in pain? Worry for him clouded her better judgment and she quietly opened one side of the shower door. She froze in stunned silence. Ethan was masturbating.
His cock was huge and purple. His palm slowly stroked up and down his thick length and her throat dried as she watched his movements. His balls drew up tight and she swallowed down a sudden wave of lust. She didn’t understand this attraction, this invisible link that drew her to him. Unconsciously, she took a step forward. He hadn’t seen her yet, his eyes were still closed, the muscles in his cheek jerking.
She licked her lips as she stared at his cock, the need she’d felt all night a noose around her neck. He was in pain. He needed relief and damn it, she wanted to give it to him. Stepping forward, she placed her hand over his.
Startled brown eyes the color of whiskey met hers and that same feeling of familiarity came over her again. God, his eyes were just like Jaimee’s. Just as fathomless and sexy. Now they stared at her with a mixture of surprise and pure lust.
“Nicole,” he gasped.
Pain darkened his eyes and her stomach clenched. She could certainly relate to pain. She’d been without a man’s touch for months now. She hadn’t realized until this very moment how much she actually missed sex. How much sex had actually helped her to heal her past wounds. She could enjoy someone else’s body without being hurt and not everyone was like her father. If she’d learned nothing else, she’d learned that. But more importantly, Ethan seemed to be in worse shape than she was.
Without a word, she removed her robe and stepped into the shower, dropping to her knees before him. She wanted to help him as well as herself. It was time she got over it and moved on. Even if it was without Jaimee.
He shook his head. “Nicole, don’t…”
“Shhh,” she chided and smoothed her palm along his thick length. Velvet over steel was exactly how he felt as her fingers explored and squeezed.
His eyes closed on a groan as he braced both hands against the shower wall in front of him. Every muscle in his body was rigid and tense, straining against his barely controlled passion. Reaching behind him, she turned up the temperature of the water, making the shower fill with steam, then moved her hand back to his impressive cock.
Two small pink scars ran across the tops of thighs next to his balls and she slowly licked them, making Ethan shudder. “Nicole,” he sighed.
Gripping the base of his cock in one hand, she ran her tongue around the purple head, licking away the salty pre-cum. His cock jerked, and she soothed it by slowly stroking it with her hand. He groaned and moved his hips with her, the muscles in his stomach clenching.
Taking a deep breath, she took his cock within her mouth. Ethan sucked in air sharply and she glanced up at him. His eyes remained tightly closed, his long lashes lying softly against his cheeks. The water spray had wet his hair, making it appear darker, and his skin glistened. He was so handsome. When he fully recovered he would be gorgeous.
Turning her mind back to the task at hand, she sucked him deeper into her mouth, her lips meeting her hand at the base of his cock. Ethan growled and jerked his hips forward, pushing his cock deeper. Her jaws ached, but she ignored it and focused on pleasing him, sucking him harder and deeper.
As her mouth worked his cock, her other hand moved between his butt cheeks and found the puckered hole of his anus. She needed a lubricant, and moved her hand to her pussy, using her own juices to coat her fingers. She was so turned on, had been all night, and for a moment let her fingers linger at the opening to her wet channel.
She teased the head of his shaft with her teeth as her wet fingers moved back to his behind. Gently, she slid one finger inside, causing Ethan to stiffen. “Nicole,” he chided.
“Shhh, let me do this for you, Ethan.”
“Oh, fuck,” he growled as she slid her finger deeper, finding the small, walnut-sized ball inside.
Gently, she massaged the ball, stimulating him further as her mouth encased his well-endowed shaft. Ethan panted as both hands and her mouth worked to bring him to release, her own body screaming for a release of its own. The more she sucked his cock, the more she wanted. Her tongue circled and teased his tip, her hand worked faster until Ethan shouted, his hot semen filling her mouth and sliding down her throat.
She removed her finger and continued to lick away every drop, her hand slowing as his body began to relax. In amazement, she stared at his shaft. It had remained hard and thick, obviously ready for another round. Gently, she squeezed his balls and stood, her shoulders resting between his arms, still braced against the wall.
Slowly, he opened his eyes and looked down at her. The whiskey color was now almost black with passion, and she gasped at the intensity. If she just looked at his eyes, she’d swear she was staring at Jaimee, and her whole body throbbed with the need to be with him. But he wasn’t Jaimee and she couldn’t forget that.
He stared at her, his eyes narrowed in desire and need, his breathing harsh and shallow. God, he looked good, and she licked her lips. “You needed that.”
“What I fucking need is you,” he growled, and Nicole gasped.
Before she could utter a word, he slanted his lips across hers and kissed her. It was fierce and wild and so what she needed—what she wanted. With a moan, she returned the kiss, her tongue battling his for control.
With a harsh growl, he put his palms beneath her buttocks and lifted her, settling her throbbing pussy against his straining rod. For a split second, she felt fear. She’d never been with this man, didn’t know him. What was she doing? But there was another part of her, a part buried deep inside that knew he wouldn’t hurt her. She had to be nuts. Confusion made her tense and he pulled back, his lips a whisper away from hers.
“I would never hurt you,” he murmured, his breath brushing across her lips. “Ever.”
Looking into his eyes, she believed him. With a sigh, she ground herself along his length, silently begging him take her. Now.
He slammed her back against the shower wall just as his thick shaft plunged into her pussy. She screamed and gripped his shoulders, her nails digging into his flesh. He felt so good stretching her and filling her that she lost control. Lost the last bit of fear and uncertainty.
“Oh God. Yes,” she screamed. “Fuck me.”
Ethan covered her mouth with his and plunged deeper, filling her to the womb. She moaned and pushed against him, wanting more. Needing more. Her hips worked frantically, his cock thrust mercilessly, driving her closer to that blissful release.
Her muscles tightened and she groaned into his kiss. His tongue fucked her mouth just as his massive cock fucked her pussy. Over and over. Harder and deeper until she thought she would split in two. But it felt so good, so incredible, and she fought off her climax, wanting it to last forever.
Suddenly Ethan pushed deep and threw back his head. His neck muscles corded with the strain, and she knew he was close. So was she. Every muscle, every nerve ending quaked with her oncoming orgasm. Arching her back, she ground her hips, rubbing her clit against him.
It wasn’t gentle or loving. It was animalistic and wild and hot. And so damn familiar it was unsettling.
“Oh, fuck,” Ethan growled, then Nicole screamed, her climax racing through every inch of her body.
She jerked, her stomach clenching, the walls of her vagina pulsing around his cock. With a shout of his own, Ethan gave one final thrust and spewed his hot seed deep inside her.
Neither said a word for several seconds, the only sound in the room the water spraying down and their harsh breathing slowly returning to normal.
What the hell had she just done?
Opening her eyes, she caught him staring at her with the same shock she felt, and for the first time in years she didn’t have a clue what to say. Should she apologize? Should she run and not say anything?
“Nicole…” he began and she closed her eyes, shaking her head.
“I need to get back to my room,” she whispered and extricated herself from his arms as best she could. Without looking at him, she quickly picked up her robe and fled.
Ethan watched her go with a sinking heart. He hadn’t meant to do that, but he couldn’t seem to stop himself. What the hell was she doing coming in here like that?
Running a hand down his face, he turned to shut off the water. His legs felt weak and he grabbed the side of the shower stall to hold himself up. Why the fuck was he jealous of himself? He may have another name and another face, but he was still Jaimee and maybe deep down some part of her knew that.
He stepped from the stall and caught his reflection in the fogged glass of the mirror. As he stared at the reflection and the man he didn’t recognize, anger seethed through him. Anger about what happened and his inability to stop the men four months ago. Anger at being stuck in this situation of playing out a farce, being someone he wasn’t. But the worst was the injustice of Nicole being here and him having to lie to her.

With an anguish-filled growl, he picked up the ceramic cup and threw it at the mirror, shattering the glass.

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