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Friday, May 27, 2016

Excerpt 10...Fantasy

To count down to the upcoming release of Fantasy Seduction, I''ll be posting several excerpts from Fantasy Resort. Although some of the characters appear in all the Fantasy Books, all titles are stand alone. Keep checking back for more...:)

Chapter Ten

“Jerrod,” Kira called as she stepped down into the wine cellar. The cool air made her shiver and she crossed her arms, hugging herself to stay warm.
“I’m over here, gorgeous.”
His voice came from the back, so she wove her way through the numerous shelves ‘til she found him in the far corner. He looked so cute in his casual sandals, loose-fitting tan pants and the thin white cotton shirt. He had it untucked, the ends covering his hips, but she didn’t need to actually see his ass to know he had a great one. With a sigh, she turned her mind from her husband’s hard body to what she needed to speak with him about.
“Have you seen Ethan?”
He glanced at her over his shoulder, his eyebrow raised in question. “No. Why?”
“I think you should. There’s something about him. It’s the eyes.”
A sideways grin twitched the corner of his lips. “Are they familiar or evil?”
Kira crossed her arms and glared. “I’m serious, Jerrod.”
Setting his scanner down, he turned and took her hands in his. The cellar was cold so his warm fingers felt good as they wrapped around hers. “What’s really bothering you, Kira?”
He brought her knuckles to his lips and kissed them, sending shivers of desire down her spine. It never ceased to amaze her just how crazy he could get her with a single touch. “Nicole and Ethan came by.”
“And?” he asked as his teeth nipped at her middle finger.
Closing her eyes, she tried to get control of the raging need he brought out in her. “I don’t know,” she sighed with a shrug.
“It’s just his eyes.” Jerrod raised an eyebrow, amusement shining in his sapphire eyes.
“Jerrod, don’t you think it’s strange that Jaimee died in an explosion and then Ethan was also injured about the same time? With burns no less. None of this seems too coincidental to you?”
“Honey, we were both at the funeral with Nicole. We saw them put his body in the ground. He’s dead.”
“Couldn’t they have faked that?”
“For what reason?” he asked with a shrug.
“What’s the reason that Ethan is here? They want the killers to think he’s still dead. Think about it.”
Jerrod let go of her hands and settled his fists on his hips with a sigh. “Kira, baby, you’re grasping at straws, and for God’s sake don’t say anything about this to Nicole.”
“I wasn’t planning on it,” she replied with indignation.
His warm palms rubbed up and down her arms, warming the flesh beneath his touch. “I’m sorry, baby, but we have to be realistic. Jaimee’s dead no matter how much you want him not to be.”
“I know I’m right about this. He has Jaimee’s eyes, and I can’t believe Nicole hasn’t seen it.”
“Maybe she has but unlike you…” He smiled. “She’s not prone to fantasy.”
Kira narrowed her eyes at him. “That’s not funny, Jerrod.”
He chuckled and tipped her chin up with his finger. “You know I love you. And for you, I’ll look into this. Okay?”
“Promise?” she asked, hope filling her heart. She was right this. She just knew it.
“I promise.” He softly kissed her lips. “But you’re going to owe me big time for this.”
“I always pay my debts,” she replied with a grin.
* * * * *
Jaimee drew Nicole to one of the three restaurants at the resort, determined to make her wait for the surprise he had planned for her. Several months ago she’d told him of a fantasy she’d always wanted to tackle, but had been too afraid to. After her abusive relationships, she wasn’t sure she could go through with it. But Jaimee was determined to go slowly and show her that being bound could be more fun than terrifying.
After ordering their meal, they waited patiently for the food. Couples all around them engaged in various acts, from just eating quietly to eating the food off each other or anyone else who decided to join in. The images were extremely erotic and if he made it through lunch without throwing Nicole on the table and fucking her, he’d be amazed.
Glancing down, he ran his fingers over the soft satin of her royal blue skirt. The muscles of her thighs bunched beneath his hands as he moved them higher, sliding her skirt up with them and exposing the smooth tan flesh of her thighs. “Are all the restaurants here like this one?” he asked as he fingered the soft tissue on the inside of her knee.
She cleared her throat and smiled slightly. “Like this one how?”
He looked around at all the couples and small groups. Only one was actually having intercourse. The rest were engaged in various acts of foreplay. Most incorporated food in some way, as well as the various toys that were lying around, and Jaimee came up with a few ideas of his own for Nicole. “All the…entertainment,” he said for a lack of a better word.
Nicole laughed and his chest tightened. He loved to hear her laugh and he hadn’t lately. “Most, yes. This restaurant is one of three, each features food from different sectors of the galaxy. There are a few times they require clothing, but it’s for something special and it’s rare. For the most part this place is just how you see it. Wild, free and totally uninhibited.”
The waiter walked over and placed crystal glasses before them filled with vigasinah. Jaimee picked up the glass and studied the neon green liquid. “Ms. Kira requested you have that with lunch,” the waiter offered with a slight grin then nodded toward the bar. Kira smiled and raised a matching glass of vigasinah.
Jaimee returned the salute, then leaned in to whisper to Nicole. “Now what do you suppose that friend of yours is up to?”
“She’s just being Kira,” Nicole said with a grin.
He placed a soft kiss on her temple before taking a sip of the cold liquid. Despite the cool temperature, it burned going down, warming his chest and stomach. Wow. Too many of these and they’d have to carry him back to the room. “What is this?”
“It’s a drink from Miganah. It’s pretty potent.” She leaned close and slid her fingers up the inside of his thigh. “And considered quite the aphrodisiac.”
He quirked an eyebrow, his interest piqued. “Really?”
“Really. It’s very popular here. A few of these and you could go all night.”
“Baby, I don’t need this to go all night with you.”
He playfully nipped at her lower lip before holding the glass to her lips. She opened, allowing the green liquid to enter her mouth and slide down her throat. Her smoldering gaze never left his and the love they felt for each other hung between them like something tangible, something they could grab and hold between them forever.
“Your appetizers, sir.”
The waiter placed a small plate before them, loaded with fried shrimp from Earth and stuffed halifrap from Meenus Prime. Reaching for one, Nicole took it and settled it before his mouth. Opening his lips, he allowed her to place it on his tongue, then he silently chewed as he repeated the gesture for her.
Feeling naughty, Jaimee slid his hand up the inside of her legs, cupping her warm, wet sex with his palm. Nicole moaned and shifted slightly, allowing him better access. Parting her labia, he slid his finger up along her slit, paying close attention to her sensitive nub.
“Jaimee,” she sighed.
Removing his hand, he licked at his wet knuckles. “Good, but I think this will be even better.”
With a mischievous smile, he took one of the small shrimp and pushed it just inside her vagina. Her eyes widened. “What are you doing?”
“Having a little of you with my lunch,” he whispered in her ear as he removed the shrimp and placed it on his tongue. He closed his eyes and moaned. “Mmmm. That’s nice.”
“You are so bad,” she giggled.
“And you are so wet. Do you want me, Nikki?” he purred in her ear as his fingers continued to fondle her sex.
“You have no idea,” she groaned.
The waiter refilled their glasses of the potent drink and Jaimee grabbed his arm, stopping him. Standing Jaimee whispered a request in his ear. The waiter nodded, then moved to fill his request. Nicole stared at him questioning. “You’ll see,” he said.
A few moments later the waiter returned and handed Jaimee a vibrator. Nicole’s lips opened into an “o” and then smiled. “Is that for me?”
“Yep. Stand up, my pet.”
“Here?” she asked with a grin, then glanced around.
“Look around you, Nicole.” He waived his hand with a chuckle. “What I’m about to do is tame compared to what else is going on. This place is a variable smorgasbord for the voyeur.”
She stood before him and straddled his thighs, giving him ample room to reach her pussy. He glanced around her hip and knew no one would pay them any attention. They were too busy fucking or licking their own partners to care what he and Nicole did.
His palms slid up the outside of her thighs and over her tight ass. Her skin was warm and soft beneath his touch, her flesh slightly flushed from arousal and the unusual drink they’d consumed.
Slowly, he moved the vibrator along her slit, teasing her swollen nub. She moaned and placed her hands on his shoulders for support. He could smell her sweet juices, could feel the warmth as it coated his fingers and his cock hardened instantly. It would be so easy to pull her onto his lap and bury himself inside her, but he wanted to make her wait and tease her to the point of pain.
With the head of the vibrator, he teased her opening, gently sliding it forward before retreating. She bent her knees slightly, trying to take it farther inside her. Jaimee pulled back, not allowing the toy to go too far.
“You’re such a tease,” she groaned as he slid the tip of the toy around her clit.
“I’m nowhere near done, baby. This isn’t for your pussy, despite how much you want it there.”
“It isn’t?” Her lower lips stuck out in a pout.
“No.” He shook his head, his lips twitching. Having lubricated the toy with her juices, he slid it to the tight rosebud opening of her anus. Her lips parted on a gasp as he gently slid the toy into place, filling her. Her fingers gripped his shoulders and her eyes slid closed as he slowly moved it in and out. Nudging her skirt up with his nose, he licked at her clit. Her whole body shuddered and her hold on his flesh tightened.
Pulling away from her, he settled her skirt back down and motioned for her to take the seat next to him, the toy still planted firmly in her ass.
Nicole could have killed him right here. How could he leave her hanging like that? Damn man. “Oh you’re going to pay for that,” she whispered.
“Do you need relief, my pet?” he teased.
“You know damn good and well I do,” she snarled, making Jaimee chuckle.
“Be a good girl and maybe before lunch is over I’ll give you a little.”
Every muscle in her body shook with the need to orgasm. God, she’d been so close, and judging by the smirk on his face, he knew it. Shifting, she tried to find a comfortable position with the vibrator inserted. The fullness only intensified her need to be fucked. Would he do it with the dildo in place? Just the very thought made the walls of her vagina spasm in pleasure.
The waiter set a steaming plate of food before her, but Nicole couldn’t eat. She was too turned on, too needy. Shooting a glance at Jaimee, she watched as he slowly chewed his food, taking his time with every bite. His lips spread into a sensual smile as he met her gaze. “Not eating? You’ll need your strength.”
Her eyes narrowed, making his grin widen. “You’re a wicked man.”
He laughed and leaned closer, placing a bite of Norgan veal against her lips. She opened them, allowing him to slip it inside. As she chewed, the spicy flavor of the meat filled her mouth and she sighed. “That is so good.”
“I know. It tastes almost as good as you do.”
She smiled as an idea came to her. “I think that maybe I didn’t start out with the right appetizer.”
“No? Is there something else you want?”
Jaimee watched her in amusement then pure lust as she settled between his knees and freed his engorged shaft.
“Now who’s the naughty one?” he purred as her tongue flicked across the purple head, licking away his salty pre-cum.
Closing her eyes, she slowly enveloped him in her mouth, taking his cock as deep as she could. His fingers buried in her hair and she relaxed her throat, swallowing him. He groaned and pushed his hips up, meeting her mouth in a fast rhythm.
Her jaws began to ache as they tried to accommodate his girth, but she didn’t care. She wanted to taste him, feel his cock jerk in her mouth as his seed spilled down her throat. With a moan, she teased the purple head with her tongue and moved her other hand to fondle his tight balls and the sensitive spot just behind them.
“Damn, Nicole,” Jaimee groaned as he jerked, filling her mouth full of his hot semen.
She licked at it, making sure to get every drop that spewed forth, then gently calmed him with slow strokes along his length.
With a grin, he tugged her up by the hair and claimed her mouth in a deep, wild kiss. Breaking the kiss, he nipped at her chin playfully. “I say we get this food to go.”

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