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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Burning Submission

Joshua's story is now available!!

As an FBI agent, Josh Barnes believed he’d seen it all--until he met Jennifer. She was smart, sassy, gorgeous, and running for her life, but from whom, Josh had yet to figure out. Her story of an ex-husband was a lie. The truth about who was after her and why was even more unbelievable. Unfortunately, the danger of her situation did nothing to stop the lust that ignited every time they got close to one another. 

Josh was a Dom and Jennifer an innocent in the ways of BDSM. He has no business introducing her to his dark world of bondage, domination, and rough sex, especially when the people after Jennifer could find her at any moment. But Josh can’t resist the pull and finds, to his delight, that Jennifer is excited by his slightly unorthodox sexual appetites.

Needing to put an end to the danger stalking his new sub, Josh comes up with a plan. Turn the tables and make the hunters the prey. The trick will be putting their plan into motion, before they’re found, because Josh has already lost his heart to Jennifer and the burning desire that rages between them.



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