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Saturday, November 08, 2014

Elkmonte...Great Smoky Mountains...

It's time for another episode of my life through the lens..:)

Occasionally, my hubby and dd like to go tent camping. I'm not a tent camper, but I did go up to spend the afternoon with them.

Here's their site.

 Elkmonte has a fabulous camp ground with sites for campers as well as tents, although truthfully, I think I saw more tents there than campers. It was a beautiful day and the fall colors were just beginning to come out.

We were also close to a river and waterfall.

 As well as the lost town of Elkmonte...<snicker> Okay, it's not really lost. It's actually been there for years, but it's still fun to walk through and explore all the cabins. 

Then it's time for a little break at the community center of Elkmonte, which is in the 'lost' town..:)

It was a great day for me, although I missed the firepit and marshmallows. Maybe next time..:)

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