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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Review...Master Delacroix

Another great review from Literary Nymphs..:)

Nathan is a former FBI agent, now semi-retired, and owns a BDSM club.  Connelly calls on Nathan for help with research for the villain in her latest novel, unaware they have something in common, which is the man that killed her husband and his fiancé.

Master Delacroix is the second book in the Crime & Punishment series.  Readers should be aware that the first book in this series is published by a different publisher and this book can be read alone. 

Nathan has a talent that also was, in part, the reason his fiancé was targeted by a serial killer.  The fact that Nathan gets impressions and sometimes thoughts from other people also caused friction with him and his father.  He used it as an agent, but now uses it as a Dom with his subs.

Connelly is surprised at how well Nathan understands her, but Nathan is confused as he can clearly read her thoughts.  As he helps her get more comfortable with wanting to know more about the BDSM lifestyle, Nathan also sets up a scene with his brother and his former partner for Connelly to experience something she wanted to try.  The scenes between Nathan and Connelly are hot and they discover that Connelly is a masochist to his sadist.

The intrigue woven into Master Delacroix is expertly dispersed into the love story between Nathan and Connelly. In addition, the relationships that they have with several secondary characters have an influence on how the story progresses.  There were several surprises throughout the story, but those that are familiar with the BDSM lifestyle will find lots of humorous interactions that result with Connelly’s introduction to BDSM. 

Ms. Michaels has a good grasp of the BDSM lifestyle and this is a good one for the bookshelf.  I will be reading this one again.

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