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Friday, July 18, 2014

Spanking excerpt...Finding Her Fantasy...

Oh, someone's in trouble.. Excerpt from Finding Her Fantasy, available August 4th..:)

Melinda didn’t have to wait long to find out just what she was in for. Why had she made that comment about not waiting on them hand and foot?
She stared at Erik, her mouth hanging open. “You can’t be serious.”
Erik dropped into the wicker chair and frowned up at her. The warm breeze ruffled his hair, giving him a boyish appearance that contrasted with the dangerous glint in his blue eyes.
“I’m dead serious, Melinda,” he growled.
“I wouldn’t push him if I were you, Mel,” Jon drawled. “You basically issued a challenge at the coffee shop earlier, and now he plans to make you do exactly what you said you wouldn’t.”
“It’s one thing to be a Dom when it comes to sex, but I’m not your damn maid, and I’m damn sure not going to hand-feed you. If you want a bowl of fruit, get up and fix it yourself.”
Jon’s lips twitched, but Erik’s eyes narrowed into hard slits. “Excuse me?”
She put her hands on her hips and bent closer, so he could hear her more clearly. “I said no.”
Erik stood up so fast the chair scooted across the terra-cotta tile that covered the upper veranda. Melinda’s back went straight as a rod, and her chin tilted defiantly in the air.
I have a safe word. I have a safe word. What the hell is my safe word?
“Damn that’s hot as hell,” Jon murmured off to the side, but Melinda ignored him.
Her eyes were on Erik’s intense, angry blue ones as he stared down his nose at her, sending dark currents of need across every inch of her flesh. God, what the hell was the matter with her?
“I was going to let the clothes slide this evening, but I believe I’ve changed my mind. Strip, Melinda. Now.”
Melinda’s mouth dropped open, and then she quickly clamped it shut. Damn bossy prick. Fine. It wasn’t like she hadn’t been naked around here anyway. She could handle a strip tease.
Keeping her gaze glued to his, she slowly began to unbutton her blouse. Erik’s eyes flickered to her chest before coming back to rest on her face. The blue of his eyes sparked with heat, making her entire body burn. Wow, she loved it when he looked at her like that.
She lowered her blouse and let it fall to the floor. She reached behind her and unclasped her bra, letting it join her top on the tile. Her breasts felt heavy and ached for his touch, but he kept his hands down by his hips. She glanced down and noticed how he balled his hands into fists as though trying not to touch her.
She brought her gaze back to his as she unzipped her shorts and removed them along with her underwear. She now stood before him naked, heated, and so totally aroused she could hardly stand it. What was it about his stare that could melt her like butter on a hot day?
He tilted his head toward the large table where they usually ate their meals. “Now go grip the edge of the table and bend over so I have a good view of that pretty ass.”
She licked her lips nervously. Was this going to be some sort of punishment for saying no? She walked over and gripped the edge of the table. Arching her back slightly, she bent forward. Her stare caught Jon’s and a prickle of apprehension traveled up her spine.
“You should’ve just fed him the strawberries, love,” he murmured softly, but Melinda didn’t miss the spark of amusement in his gaze.
She started to glance over her shoulder, but the sting that landed across the back of her upper thigh caught her by surprise and made her gasp. Melinda looked quickly over her shoulder and was rewarded with another slap to her ass. She squealed and glared at Jon, who stood on the other side of the table watching with eyes that glowed with lust. The desire she saw blazing in the depths of his gaze made her shiver.
“I like how her breasts jiggle when you slap her with the flogger,” Jon said as he met her gaze and smiled just a bit, just enough to leave her wary.
He had a devilish glint in his eyes that made her nervous. She tried to glance behind her again. “Where the hell did you get a flogger?”
“Face forward,” Erik commanded and punctuated his words with another slap of the flogger.
The leather straps caressed her flesh with a harsh sting that caused heat to bloom under her skin. Melinda tightened her fingers on the edge of the table and felt the heat of a flush move over her face. Despite the sting, despite the harsh slap of the leather, her pussy began to throb, and her nipples tingle.
She should use her safe word. She should shout it at the top of her lungs and walk away from this madness. She should. But she didn’t want to. She realized it the second he slapped her ass for the fourth time and a sound similar to a moan escaped her lips.
Jon’s eyebrow shot up. “Well, well,” he drawled.
Melinda bit her lip in embarrassment. The flogger landed on the table next to her, and she stared at it in surprise before turning to look at Erik warily.
“It does no good to punish you if you enjoy it,” he snarled.
“I didn’t,” she snarled back at him.
Erik walked up behind her and slid his hand between her legs. Melinda gasped and attempted to jerk away, but Erik grabbed her hips and snapped, “Be still.”
Melinda froze. Shock worked its way through her system at how quickly, and without thought, she just did what he said. His fingers slid through the damp folds of her pussy, and she bit her tongue to keep from moaning again at his touch.
“If you didn’t enjoy it, then why are you so wet?” he purred as his fingers circled her opening.
Even as embarrassment heated her cheeks, her hips moved in time with his touch. When she pushed back, trying to get him to slide his fingers inside her, he pulled away. She gasped at the loss of his warmth as he moved to pick up the flogger.
Her heart raced with anticipation. She should be ashamed of herself. She should be shocked. She should be afraid, but instead she felt only excitement. Was it the flogger, or was it Erik that had her so tense and needy?
“I think I know exactly how to punish you,” he murmured.
“How’s that?” Jon asked with interest.
“Flog her and not let her come.”
Melinda’s eyes went wide. “What?”
“No orgasm,” Erik said.
“Come and there’ll be hell to pay. Am I clear?”
Okay, now she was scared. Was he serious? How the hell was she supposed to keep herself from coming?
“Melinda,” he snarled so fiercely, she trembled. “Am I clear?”
“As crystal,” she snapped.
His hand landed across her ass so hard she screamed, “Ow!”
“That’s not what I wanted to hear.”
“Obviously,” she replied sarcastically and then winced just before his hand landed across her ass again.
Oh God, why did I say that?
“I’m sorry,” she rushed to say. “Master. Yes, Master. You were clear.”
She started to add, Are you happy?, but smartly held her tongue.
“Better,” he murmured.


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Can hardly wait for this one! Slid outa my dang chair, just from the excerpt! This gonna be HOT!

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