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Sunday, July 06, 2014

Review...Master Delacroix

Great review for Master Delacroix from Leigh at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews.

Thanks, Leigh!

Nathan Delacroix is a surprised when his favorite author comes to him for a BDSM perspective on her newest book. Not only is she a woman, but he finds himself growing more and more attracted to her and the unexplainable connection he feels. Toss in a serial killer, psychic abilities, a secret masochist, a twin brother, an FBI agent, a little foursome action between them all and a lot of hot hot kinky sex and you have Master Delacroix.
I know I’ve found a new author and a new series to get into when I’m not even finished the book, but have to put it down so I can go purchase more of what she’s written. This was the case with Ms. Michaels and Master Delacroix. As the second book in the series, I was reluctant to start reading this without having read the story that came before it (Topping the Domme). But this really was a stand alone book, and I had no trouble getting into the storyline or the characters. And I loved these characters!
As a Dom with the ability to sense other people’s emotions and thoughts, Nathan is literally the perfect Dom. Knowing what people are thinking even before they realize it themselves, he is able to give his sub exactly what she wants. He is dominant and self assured, and in Connely James, he finds a woman who is starting to explore her interest in BDSM and can’t hide her sarcastic and conflicted thoughts from him.
The two of them together are a likeable couple and the sex is sizzling and kinky and oh-so-yummy. The writing was so easy to get into and I found that I had trouble putting the book down. The underlying story wasn’t much of a nail-biter, but rather provided a background for the relationship between Nathan and Connely to develop, and (I hope!) set the stage for stories about Nathan’s brother Daniel and FBI agent Josh.
If you’re looking for a hot, kinky, crazy-sexy and can’t-put-it-down read, this is definitely it!
4.5 Stars

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