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Monday, June 09, 2014

Great review for Topping the Domme!

Rating: 4 of 5 kinks! From Kinky Book Reviews!

Review by Riane:
I haven’t read something from Trista Ann Michaels in way too long. Not for any specific reason, just so many great authors, so little time. When Topping the Domme came to my attention, I definitely wanted to read it. Ms Michaels is definitely back on my list to follow!
I definitely enjoyed this book. I really liked both main characters and most of the secondary characters. Karina and Brayden were both interesting and personable. I related to their feelings right from the start. Janie was sweet and friendly. Even from the little bit we heard, Shandra sounded like someone I would have enjoyed. Master Delacroix was… well I can’t wait for his book. The BDSM and sex scenes in the book were hot and steamy. My husband would like me to convey his thanks. :) The storyline was, for the most part, well thought out and written without a lot of excess.

Book 2, Master Delacroix is now available as well!


Lml said...

I loved the book! Period. For the most part I hadn't thought of BDSM as a sexy choice. Movies and publications and the internet give it such a lousy light that it remains icky and dirty. Having said that I loved this book! If only real life were to play out as scripted as this novel then yeah I'd play but being the sex chicken that I am, I will only continue to buy Trista Michaels books. I've read and bought both books in this series and can't get enough. Love the psychology behind BDSM and the honesty you have to have if thinking about this lifestyle. Loved the characters. Loved Karina for all her sassiness. Loved Brayden and his line of reasoning in getting Karina to try being a submissive. That would be a difficult thing to accomplish for any woman let alone one who'd been traumatized as early in her formative years as she had been. Imagine if not only Karina but Brayden were to hold classes for males and females who didn't want to dry up and blow away never having let themselves experience true happiness at the hands of another. Trust. It is the bottom line and when we don't trust, we let opportunities slip by us. The winks the smiles from the handsome stranger in the car next to you at the stop light or the gentlmen that holds the door for you at the grocery store, the man who comments about how beautiful you look today and how are you pretty lady? If you don't know how to proceed from those very heart felt openers then.....? What happens to us as a race. As in the book with Gary the psycho sub from hell, there are men like him out there just stewing about how he would like to make an attempt but if he's had specific child hood trauma......? And it's not been addressed? I think BDSM psychology should be a class given in real life to those who just don't know or have the brains, the nerve, or the wherewithalll to approach the opposite sex successfully.
I also read Master Delecroix and loved that book as well. The psychology behind it is massively interesting. Please keep writing and giving us not only the insights but the really interesting storylines you've come up with. I loved that Karina was sassy, as I'd be if connecting with a Master. I'd have to know why all the time and I know they won't always tell you why, but they just do, which is part of the anticipation building thing. Builds tension to release it deliciously. Yes. As you can see Ms. Michaels books made me think. And think hard about not only what was going on in the story but what I would do in those situations. Because in the end, that's what makes a really excellent story teller isn't it? If the author makes even one reader think, she's acoomplished more than the goal of getting you to read her book but actually be in the book for all intents and purposes. Live in the world vicariously, for sure, but live there and see it, feel it, breathe in the world she wants you to see. Bravo ! I love your books, Ms. Michaels. I've made up my mind that I prefer Trista Ann Michaels over the others. I like that her women show a little back bone and intellect. And that yes, mechanically anyone can make another climax using implements with batteries but how many can achieve the goal with only their carriage and demeanor? Only their presence? The intentfull look in their eye? Either way he would be a force to be reckoned with and Trista, you give us that in Delacroix and Brayden. Thanks for the delicious reads. And yes, I will keep reading.

Trista Ann Michaels said...

Thank you...:)