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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Review...Nature of the Beasts

4 stars from Emma D at Bitten By Books..:)

Raised her entire life to believe that shifters are evil, Sarah is a bundle of confliction. She is finding it harder and harder to reconcile what she has been taught with what she is learning about shifters from living with Dmitry and Dastan. She’s finding it harder and harder to fight the growing attraction she has for both men. Can she put aside the beliefs her mother has instilled and act on the attraction?

When Sarah hears a female scream from a distance that she shouldn’t have be able to hear, Dmitry and Dastan start to wonder why Sarah has been raised to fear shifters so much. Can they get to the bottom of the mystery in time to have a lasting relationship with Sarah or will the rogue shifter get to Sarah first?

I really enjoyed Nature of the Beasts and felt invested in characters which can be hard to do in a shorter work. The background and character development was skilfully done.

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