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Saturday, April 05, 2014

Recommended Read for Cursed By Desire from Are..:)

For over 400 years, Drake Montgomery has been trapped by a woman determined to keep him for herself. All that may change with the arrival of a young writer . . . or is death the only future for any of them?

Jordan has inherited a castle from her grandfather she didn’t even know he owned. Unfortunately, there’s a stipulation. She must live in the home for six months or forfeit her entire inheritance. Upon arriving, she begins to have dreams of a man so perfect, he couldn’t possibly exist. Unfortunately, he does, just not in the way she expected. Not dead, but not alive either, Drake is stuck. He believes Jordan is the one who can set him free. But as time passes and he falls further in love with her, being set free is the last thing he wants. Another trapped spirit, one determined to keep Drake all to herself, knows Jordan is the key, and she’ll do whatever she can to keep them apart.

Upon Jordan’s arrival we meet the staff and Drake Montgomery, only Jordan doesn’t see Drake. It turns out our hero is cursed, and I don’t mean he was cursed at his death to become a ghost of the castle. Four hundred years or so ago he was having an affair with a girl named Celeste. He tired of her, broke up with her and she in turn cast a spell. He has to fall in love and so would his love interest. With each other! This isn’t one of those ‘he’s in love with her and she’s in love with someone else’ stories. Geesh. So Drake decides to start by making love to Jordan at night with her thinking he was a dream. The problem is Celeste. She is apparently in their, Drake, Rene and Kimberly’s, realm of being as well, and she still wants Drake. Now, Jordan is the kind of person who has to see it to believe it. But after waking up one morning with a huge hickey on her neck, she and Nina go stomping into the kitchen demanding answers from Rene and Kimberly. They were not expecting the tale they received.

Ms. Michaels has written a very hot, very suspenseful and incredibly cool story. I enjoyed Jordan trying to deal with her there on this plane of existence and then not there lover. Nina was such a cool friend, and was there for Jordan every step of the way. I read this straight through and enjoyed every page of it. I’ve read other works by Ms. Michael’s and this one makes me want to read some more!

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