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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Burning Desire...

That's the title of the new wip I'm working on. It will be Josh's story from the Crime and Punishment series, but I'm a little stuck. I needed some advice on my heroine. I wanted her to have a really cool psychic ability, but something different, so I thought no better person to ask than my son. He's really into sci-fi and fantasy and could school me on the laws and rules of magic.

We decided the heroine will have the ability to manipulate the energy in the air around her. She can pull heat from the air and freeze things. She can also stimulate the heat to ignite things. But what really got my attention was when he added..."Since you write erotic romance, if you really want to make things interesting have her be able to manipulate the energy around the hero and stimulate his nerve endings."

My jaw hit the floor. "OMG! I need to put you on the payroll."

Son grinned. "Eh, just buy me lunch and we'll call it even."

Yep, I think that little tidbit of advice earned him a


Lml said...

Love it! All of what you came up with! I too am into Sci-Fi and erotic romance. And if you could combine the two? Oh Lordy have mercy! So are ya done with it yet? When can I buy it? that kid of yours whatever he wants. Love the idea of having her excite the atoms to the point of ignition. Or exiting the nerve endings in his skin? She ought to have a degree in Quantum Physics to be really credible or be lead in that direction. Did you used to watch Quantum Leap? or any of the Star Treks when they are talking about quarks? google that and think the smallest particles we know of and have been classified. What you're talking about is called 'exciting the atoms or particles" in the air around her and yes one could do that if they only thought hard enough. and if they had the the extra mind power to do it. What a great idea! Love it and that Josh is having his day. Will we see any interaction with Daniel, Delacroix's twin in this one? Not one but two of them? And whom do the twins resemble? I'm thinking a really sweet, well groomed, sexy as hell, but equally dangerous looking and dominant Jason Mamoa! See Stargate Atlantis! God he is sex on legs! And as a Dom? Get outta town! He'd have to give classes to all the other doms so they could have some women too! I've got to read Delacroix again and then I'm going to read Topping the Domme again! Love Karina! She has to be besties with this new female, they just have to go on a shopping trip together using the new characters gifts!
thanks gotta read gotta write. :)
Love your stories!

Trista Ann Michaels said...

I'm still working on Josh's story. I have 3 books coming out really close together and got sidetracked with all the rounds of

I do have pics of Master D and Brayden though. You can see them here.