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Monday, December 16, 2013

Review Dominating Miya...

This sexy series is highly addictive. Ms Michaels adds another erotic tale to the Entwined Fates series. After teasing hints of Miya and Alex coming together in previous books, the story is finally here.

This is the quintessential girl falling for her older brother's hot best friend. There is a little twist of danger to add tension to the story. Miya has been fascinated with Alex for a while. When her family goes off world, she's able to finally make a move on Alex without prying eyes watching. If he isn't going to come to her, she's going to convince him to hunt her with a lure he can't resist.

The characters in this book are what make it fun to read. Miya is a bratty younger sister who wants those she loves to take her seriously and treat her like an adult. She's not exactly successful, but it is fun to watch her try. The chemistry between the two characters is more romantic than fiery passion. Since Miya is a sheltered protected princess, this fits.

This story does involve an amazingly complex BDSM club for the rich. It's three miles long. The description of this place is a fantasy come true. I would love to spend time in there. I'm guessing a week wouldn't be long enough. I'm not sure even a month would suffice.

Ms Michaels definitely kinks it up in this latest book with cool equipment and sexy hinted fantasizes to be fulfilled. The BDSM scenes between Alex and Miya are sexy and of medium intensity. It's designed for those who want a little bit more than furry handcuffs for restraint. There really isn't any D/s demonstrated despite Alex's designation as a dominant. There is more talking and less showing of dominance which is a bit of a letdown. Still, Alex is a sexy alpha male who exhibits traits of a Daddy Dom. Delicious!

This kinky space opera book is recommended to those who enjoy the older brother's best friend becoming a lover theme.

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