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Friday, November 22, 2013

Darkness Falls review...

Great review for Darkness Falls from Joyfully Reviewed!

Alana is a successful novelist and paranormal investigator.  Alana and her team investigate haunted places for a television show.  When they are offered the opportunity to investigate one of the most well known haunted houses they jump at the chance.  However, what they find there might be more than Alana bargained for.

Aiden and Noah are twins with a very special bond. They are able to feel what each other is experiencing.  Aiden is partially responsible for bringing Alana’s team to Dandridge.  He is quite smitten with Alana and thinks she would be the perfect mate for him and Noah.

Alana’s investigation turns dangerous as one of her friends is endangered.  Is it a ghost or a human evil that hurt Lisa?  Alana is determined to find what lies within this haunted house, and Aiden and Noah are set on protecting her.  Will she accept their protection as well as their loving or are these two brother’s too much for her to handle?

Darkness Falls is a hauntingly sexy romance!  Aiden, Alana and Noah are combustible together!  There are many things that I like about Darkness Falls.  There is a lot of hot romance between Aiden, Alana and Noah; a spooky mystery that kept me engaged throughout, and secondary characters that rock.  The connection between Aiden and Noah is unique and erotic.  When you add Alana to the mix they sizzle and the connection strengthens.  Darkness Falls is a dark yet gorgeous romantic novel.  Trista Ann Michaels has a beautiful way of writing ménage stories and Darkness Falls does not disappoint.

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