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Friday, May 24, 2013

Review for Her Pirate Master!!

Great review from Two Lips Reviews!
Jacquelyn is the headstrong daughter of Sidious. When her ship is captured and her shipment seized, she is sure that she can handle it, but she allows her temper and her mouth to overshadow her good sense. Then she finds herself fighting not only her captor but also herself. She struggles to accept that Haydrien’s orders make her hotter than she has ever been. She has just begun to understand her submissive nature and Haydrien manages to trip every trigger she has. Only problem is she knows that she is being untruthful and that will backfire. Now that her emotions are engaged, she knows the fallout will be downright painful.
Haydrien had no intention of actually taking Jacquelyn. However her saucy mouth and sweetly submissive nature combine to engage his dominant streak. When Captain Jack receives his demands, he isn’t sure how he will let go of the woman who has broken past the shields that protect his battered heart.
Ms. Michaels gives us a nice tale. Watching the push/pull relationship between Haydrien and Jack was fun.  Their battle for supremacy was tempered by real emotion and caring. I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the offspring find their matches.

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