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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Deadly Crimson...Review...

Deadly Crimson is a fast paced paranormal romance that hits a lot of great notes. Stacy is investigating the death of her best friend, unofficially of course. She has been booted off the case because she is too close to the situation. Her clandestine investigation leads her into the arms of the sexy nightclub owners, Jason and Vincent.

Jason and Vincent are fun characters as they bicker like brothers yet each have their own personalities that make it easy to see why Stacy is so taken with the both of them. Jason and Vincent want this solved just as much as Stacy, for numerous reasons. As owners, they know something is going on in their club that shouldn’t be, but they can’t prove it yet. nd now that Stacy is involved they fear she is putter her life in danger as well. Their need to protect her is strong and while the ways they try and protect her are wrong, they do get the job done. Stacy is a good cop who misses her best friend dearly. While she is investigating, trouble is brewing. She is about to end up in a lot of trouble herself if she even makes it out alive.

Deadly Crimson is a very sexy novella that will make your temperature rise several degrees. With vampires and wizards, this paranormal romance will leave you breathless.

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