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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Steamy excerpt...Entwined Fates: Captive

Making her rounds about the bar, Mikayla kept stealing glances at Sidious and his brother. With their heads pressed close together, they appeared to be having a serious discussion. How could she possibly be attracted to a man bent on her world’s destruction? How could she have submitted to him like she had?

She knew how. She was weak, and he knew it. He knew all her buttons to push, all her weaknesses, and she had no doubt he’d continue to use them against her.

She had to find a way off this ship, but Agnus continued to lock her in her room at night. If she could convince Agnus she’d accepted her fate, he would trust her enough to not lock her door; then she could sneak out and find a way home.

She leaned over to wipe down a table, her eyes still on Sidious.

A man snaked his arms around her waist from behind. “Hey, baby, why don’t me and you go find a quiet corner somewhere?”

She cringed as he placed wet lips against her neck. She could smell the lingering scent of ale that seemed to ooze from his every pore.

Trying to dodge his kisses, she wiggled out of his embrace. “I don’t think that now is a good time. I have a lot of work to do, and Agnus would be upset if I disappeared.”

From experience serving drunks on Earth, she knew enough to be gentle with her words. Unfortunately, this drunk wasn’t interested in taking no for an answer.

Grabbing her around the waist, he pulled her body up next to his and once again kissed her neck. “I don’t care about Agnus.”

Shoving hard at the soldier’s chest, she finally got him to let go, but he was so drunk he lost his balance and almost fell. When he caught himself, he turned to Mikayla with a sneer and raised his hand to strike her. Never taking her eyes off his, she reached behind her and felt for anything she could use to hit him with. Suddenly, a hand reached out to stop him midswing.

Great, she growled to herself.

“I think you have had enough fun for one night.” Sidious sneered as he shoved the soldier toward the door. “To your quarters, soldier. Now.”

The soldier nodded and staggered from the bar.

Mikayla’s bit her lower lip as she watched the exchange. Sidious was the last man she wanted coming to her rescue. The anger on his face was unmistakable. That surprised her. If he condoned kidnapping, what did he care if a soldier got a little rough with the slave?

She watched him turn back to her, his normally gray eyes black with anger quickly changed to desire as they roamed over her. She swallowed down a lump.

Lord help me.

Why couldn’t it have been anyone else? Even Stefan would have been better.

“Are you all right?” Putting his finger under her chin, he tried to make her look at him.

Pulling away, she turned her gaze from his. “I’m fine. I could have handled it, though. I really didn’t need your help.”

She probably shouldn’t be such a grouch, but she didn’t like the way she felt when he was this close to her. All she could think about was last night and all the things he’d done to her. He was so near she could feel the heat radiating off his body, and hers felt as though it would combust into flames. Even her nipples tingled. Taking a step back, she tried to ignore her own body’s reaction to his closeness and concentrated on her anger instead.

“Oh, yeah. It looked like you had everything well under control.”

She narrowed her eyes. “I was handling the situation just fine.”

“Not from where I was sitting you weren’t. Would it kill you to say thank you?”

“If I recall, I never asked for your help. As usual, you just barrel right in and take over.”

“And just where have I barreled in and taken over?”

Mikayla should have heeded the tone of his voice but didn’t. Instead she continued headfirst without stopping to think about her actions. “My home for one. How many other worlds have you and that sorry excuse for a man you call a prime minister taken over?”

“Mikayla,” he said, this time clearly with warning.

Choosing to ignore his threatening tone, she continued, “What? What more could you possibly do? You’ve taken me away from my home, my family, and you have the gall to stand there and want me to thank you for rescuing me from a predicament that, in my opinion, you put me in.”

She knew he wasn’t really the one responsible for her being there and that she was being ridiculous, but she didn’t care. She was too angry.

“I think it’s time I showed you exactly what more I could do,” he growled just before he bent down and threw her over his shoulder.

She gasped in shock as she stared at the view of his firm back from her upside-down position. She couldn’t believe what he was doing. Once the shock wore off, uncertainty took its place. What the hell was he going to do?

The crowd of men laughed and cheered him on as he turned and headed toward the stairs that would take them to her room.

“Damn you, Marcone, put me down!” She beat on his back with her fists. Not that it did any good. Hitting his back was like hitting solid rock. “Agnus. Do something,” she shouted as they went by him.

“You got your own self in this mess, girl. Don’t look to me to get you out of it.”

She frowned at Agnus’s amused expression. “It’s not funny.”

She continued to pound his back as hard as she could with her fist. “I swear, Marcone, if you don’t put me --” The rest of her words were cut off when he jostled her. The force of her ribs hitting his shoulder knocked some of the wind from her, and she gulped for air.

Since hitting him didn’t seem to have an effect, she called him every nasty name she could think of. When she couldn’t think of any more, she made up a few of her own. She had to get him to put her down, even if it meant he became angrier than he already was. Knowing what he probably had in mind once he got to her quarters only made her struggle that much harder.

“Enough,” he shouted as he slapped her backside with the palm of his hand. She couldn’t believe he had actually done that. He hadn’t hit her hard, but the sound it made certainly caught everyone’s attention, and their laughter only infuriated her more.

They were almost at her quarters, so in a last-ditch effort to get him to let her go, she grabbed his ponytail and pulled as hard as she could. Unprepared for the assault, his head jerked backward, causing him to almost lose his balance.

“Damn it, woman,” he growled as he grabbed the door frame with his free hand to try to right himself before both of them went tumbling to the floor.

Stalking over to the foot of her bed, he dropped her unceremoniously onto the mattress. Before she had a chance to get up, he was over her, straddling her thighs beneath him. Grabbing her wrists as she tried to hit him, he pinned them to the bed on either side of her head, effectively holding her in place.

“Let me up,” she gritted through her teeth as she wiggled to get out from under him.

“Not until we get something straight.”


“When I’m here in the morning with Agnus, you can fight me all you want to. In fact, I enjoy your temper. But you will show me respect in front of my men. Is that clear?”

“And if I don’t?”

His black eyes narrowed to slits as he lowered his face to hers. “I mean it, Mikayla. You don’t want to know the answer to that question.”

She swallowed down her fear, determined he wasn’t going to get the best of her. “What’s the matter, Sid? Are you afraid for the men to see a little slip of a girl standing up to you? That maybe they’ll see that if I’m not afraid of you, they shouldn’t be either?”

He quietly studied her for a moment, his black eyes staring into hers. Mikayla saw the anger in his eyes change to desire, and she swallowed nervously.

I don’t think I like where this is going.

He was a gorgeous man, and most definitely way too sexy for his own good. If he wanted her, there was nothing she could do about it -- he was more than twice her size. But it wasn’t his physical strength that concerned her. It was the effect he had on her when he looked at her like that.

Her whole body tingled in a way that made her weak. His jacket rubbed her breasts, and she struggled against the desire to arch her back and press herself into his chest. Their lips were so close she could smell the drink he’d had on his breath, and the realization that all it would take to part hers would be a slight flick of his tongue made her breath catch. His eyes moved to her mouth, and she swallowed down a moan.

“What’s it going to take, Mikayla?”

“What’s it going to take for what? To make me afraid of you?” she whispered and then inwardly chided herself at how turned on she sounded.

“To get you to do as I ask.”

Fighting the desire to close the distance herself, she asked stubbornly, “Why should I do anything you ask?”

“Because, if for no other reason, we’ve been good to you. We haven’t asked you to do anything hard or demeaning. And Agnus protects you and takes care of you, doesn’t he?”

“Some protector. He hasn’t protected me from you.”

One corner of his lips twitched at her question. “Do you need protecting from me?”

“Apparently I do, or was I dreaming that little demonstration of male superiority? And of course we can’t forget the fact that you still have me pinned to the bed!”

“Oh trust me.” He frowned. “At the moment I would love nothing more than to forget that fact.”

“Then perhaps you should get off me.”

“Not until we finish this.”

“As far as I’m concerned, it is finished. I’m not one of your little minions that you can order around.”

They continued to stare at one another, at an impasse, when suddenly he grinned, and she got a sick feeling in her stomach. His gaze wandered down her neck to her breasts -- her traitorous breasts, which swelled under the heat emanating from his gaze. She held her breath, waiting, watching. God, what the hell was the matter with her? Why was her body reacting this way?

He shifted, spreading her thighs with his. He pressed forward, and she could feel the evidence of his hard arousal against her pussy. Biting her lower lip, she kept the moan at bay.

Oh God, I can’t do this.

“Is this your idea of punishment?” she asked breathlessly. “Sex?”

He pressed against her again, and she moaned, lifting her hips to meet his. He clasped both of her hands in one of his over her head, then used his free hand to free his cock. From his pocket, he pulled out a knife. Holding it up, he hit the button on the side. The long blade popped free with a click, and she gasped in startled surprise.

What the hell was he doing?

“Sid,” she whispered, and he stared at her.

“Have you not learned yet?” he growled, then slid the blade just under the waistband of her pants.

With little effort, the material split as he slid the blade all the way between her legs to her ass, exposing her pussy, but the blade never once touched her.

“Damn you,” she snarled, more angry with the fact what he’d done had turned her on than with him.

“Shut up,” he snapped.

He tossed the knife to the floor, then covered her mouth with his.

He thrust his tongue inside, and Mikayla could do nothing more than respond. His kiss was wild, making her feel drunk and wanton. His cock pressed against her pussy but didn’t enter. Instead, he slid it through the juices that leaked from her opening.

It amazed her that even now, in their anger, he would make sure she was ready for him.

He put his hand under her ass and lifted just as he pressed forward, filling her deep with his thick cock. At first the soreness from the night before made her hiss, but it soon disappeared, replaced with a growing hunger that had her screaming for more against his lips.

He still had her hands trapped above her head, and she struggled against his hold, but he wouldn’t let her go. She wanted to touch him.

“Sid,” she whimpered against his lips.

“What do you want?” he murmured, slowing his thrusts, grinding his hips in a circular motion as he pressed deep.

She hummed in pleasure, moving her hips with his as he brushed against her clit. They were still dressed for the most part, and it felt strange not to feel his heat against her, not to feel his chest rubbing across her nipples. She missed it, needed it.

He pulled almost out, then thrust back in hard.

“Oh God,” she groaned, undulating beneath him.

“What do you want?” he asked again, and she frowned, unsure what he was asking. He was giving her what she wanted -- every last inch of it, and it felt so damn good, she could hardly think.

“I want you. I want to touch you.”

Letting go of her hands, he gripped her ass, tugging her up with him as he moved to his knees. She clung to his neck, inhaling the mixed scent of musk, male, and sex. Her legs lifted to wrap around his hips as he shoved her against the window behind the bed. With shaking fingers, she tugged at the buttons of his jacket, ignoring the cold of the glass as it seeped into her back. His hips pressed against her, holding her in place as they shoved his uniform jacket off and tossed it to the floor.

She could hardly wait to touch him. Her fingers trembled as she ran her hands ran over the smooth skin of his chest, then around his neck to bury in his hair. Sidious moaned, moving his hips against her, pumping his cock in deep, short thrusts. Her lips slanted across his, this time initiating the kiss. His fingers dug into her ass, squeezing and scratching as he pumped harder, deeper.

“Ah, it feels so good,” she moaned against his mouth.

“Fuck yeah, it does,” he growled, his mouth moving to bite softly at her neck.

With one hand, he tugged at one side of her top, ripping it and exposing her breast. He dipped his head, hungrily sucking at her nipple. She cried out, arching her back and grinding her hips, unsure which she wanted more, his mouth sucking or his cock.

“Sid,” she cried as her release tightened her womb.

She dropped her head against the glass, closed her eyes, and screamed as every part of her shattered into a million tiny pieces of rapture. Sidious raised his head and captured her face in his hands.

“Look at me,” he commanded.

She opened her eyes, staring into his as her body rode out wave after wave of pure bliss. He kept pumping against her, prolonging her release and his until she thought she’d beg him to stop. But she didn’t want him to stop. With a low, deep growl, he pumped one final time, spilling his hot seed inside her.

She closed her eyes as the realization of what they’d just done hit her square in the chest. It had felt so good, so incredible, she’d wanted it to keep going, and that made her angry. Angry with him and herself.

“Don’t,” he growled, his breath coming out in harsh pants. “No more fucking regrets, Mikayla.”

She stared at him, startled that he could know what she was thinking.

“I’m still mad at you,” she snarled. “You can’t keep doing this to me.”

“Doing what?” he replied. “Giving you pleasure?”

“No.” She shook her head. “Stop making me submit just to prove a damn point. I get it, okay! I have no control around you!”

He cupped her cheeks and gave her a shake as he spoke. “I’m not doing this to make a point, damn it. I’m doing this because I want you!”

“You can’t have me,” she whispered, determined to fight him to the very end.

“I think I just did,” he snarled and pressed his cock deeper, proving his point.

Pulling out of her, he let her fall to the bed, fighting the tears that threatened to break free. She refused to cry in front of him again and swallowed them back down. She glared as he fixed his pants, grabbed his coat and knife, then turned to leave, not once looking back at her before walking out the door.

Picking up the glass that was sitting on the dresser next to the bed, she threw it, unfortunately missing him and hitting the door as it closed.

“I hate you,” she yelled.

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