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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Great review from Rites of Romance for Nature of the Beasts!!

GJM Book 5 of the spark of magic series features Dmitry and Dastan who have left the protected dimension in hopes of living a “normal” life they have bought a ranch in Montana in the mortal realm. Sarah a witch has been sent along to keep tabs on them while they settle into their new lives. Sarah has been brought up to believe Shape shifters should not be trusted in fact they should be feared after all her mother was brutally attacked and left for dead by a shifter. However Sarah has known Dmitry and Dastan all her life and doesn’t see them as evil in fact she’s attracted to them both and now that’s she’s posing as their housekeeper while they settle into the mortal world she’s finding that the attraction is becoming harder to fight.
Let me start by saying this book has a lot of stuff going on we have a serial killer on the loose who just happens to be Dastan’s arch enemy. Add a sheriff who doesn’t trust Dmitry and Dastan as he still hasn’t come to grips with his friends selling their ranch without telling him. Then as if that’s not enough we have Sarah who’s about to find out she’s a lot more than a witch. Ohh and did I forget to mention a Succubus makes an appearance too Ms Michaels does an awesome job of pulling it all together and gives us a great fast paced story with just enough twists to keep us engrossed. This is not your usual Ménage book either there is NOT hot sex scenes on every page it’s a lot more complex and there is actually a great story line to focus on and I found that very refreshing. Don’t get me wrong there are some very hot scenes between Sarah and the guys but the story is the main focus. If you’re tired of the same old sex with very little plot and next to no substance grab a copy of Nature of the Beasts you will not be disappointed.

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