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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Review...Lost Without Them...

Great review from Shannon at the Romance Studio for Lost Without Them!!

Sam and Cody Keller never imagined their life would take such a turn when they stumbled upon a pack of wolves surrounding a young unconscious woman lying in their driveway. Keegan can't remember who she is, how she ended up in the Keller brothers' driveway or anything about the wolves chasing her. Keegan might not know Sam and Cody but these two cowboys haunt her dreams -- ones that are filled with naughty delights that make her body respond in a sensual dance of seduction. With one kiss Sam and Cody know in Keegan they have found the only woman for them to love and share for a lifetime. But danger stalks Keegan and time is running out for the lovers.

Author Trista Ann Michaels gives readers a sexy, dark and intense story that makes the pages sizzle. The author's combination of passion and danger with a hint of the paranormal, followed by twists and turns in this heartfelt drama, makes it so compelling readers will feel the need to keep reading just one more page until they come to the very end of this delightful story. Readers will totally enjoy the fully-developed characters along with a merge of supernatural elements along with the real world to create a story that keeps you guessing. The sparks between Keegan and her men are blatantly erotic and the love scenes are smoking hot and inventive. Readers will be captivated by Keegan's strength, her sensuality as well as her spirit which readers will truly see as Keegan stands up for what she believes in as well as when she battles evil forces. And with as for sexy heroes they don't come any better than Sam and Cody; these two brothers are honorable, brawny and their tenderness and passion towards Keegan fills the pages with promise and romance. Readers will hate to see this story end!

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