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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Destined for

Review by: Dee on May 27, 2008
Tags: Erotic Romance
Author Profile: Trista Ann Michaels

With only three months left to find the twins wife, Shorlack comes across her working in a bar where anything goes but hitting women. At least this woman looks like she could be the long lost Argonian princess - she looks like her mother and possesses a necklace piece that matches the twins. Rhianna since age four has been raised by Devlin who she considers her brother, but in actuality they were the only survivors when their transport ship crashed and since has taken the responsibility for raising her.
When told of the princess' whereabouts Keenas and Jorel arrive to check her out. The likelihood of Rhianna being the princess is high and the boys abscond with her.
The relationship Rhianna, Keenas and Jorel are to have is a total, equal part, threesome, which is the norm for some of the royal families. Keenas and Jorel are two sides of the same coin but their personalities are very different. Author, Trista Ann Michaels, pens these two exquisitely as two kinds of lovers. We as the reader reap the BENEFIT from two very different males excelling in their own sexual prowess.
The story line moves along quickly with certainly no time to get bored. The characters are well developed knowing what is expected of them and boy do they perform! There's even a bad guy Rhianna needs to watch out for, but it all comes down to convincing Rhianna to stay as a wife to Jorel and Keenas.
Entwined Fates: Destined for Two is definitely a top pick for the summer.

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